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It appears to me the Democratic Party is very close to “..Obstruction of Justice…”; I am not referring to the ‘base’ of the Democratic Party; those that have been with the Party for many, many years – –  the ‘true’ American Democrats.

I am referring to the ‘others’, the radical ‘products’ of the Liberal Socialists; those who indoctrinated our youths that had attended many high ranking elite Universities, who now appear to be acting under the influence of a serious and far reaching intimidation; possibly a form of sublimation, and passing it on to todays’ campuses.

They (the Socialistic Professors of the 1970’s) have targeted youngsters that were in the top of their class when leaving high school; they were considered the “cream of the crop”. So how were they so easily influenced by a comparatively few radicals? If we find the answer to that question, perhaps we can pull ourselves out of the whirlpool of anger and discontent.

[A recent candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, was a young lady who, in   college, became enamored by one such Radical known as Saul Alinsky. Mrs. Clinton was born in Chicago Ill.,and attended Yale University]

[Saul Alinsky was born in Chicago, Ill.; and died in California. How ironic, two hot beds of radical events today. He was a Community Activist, Writer, and Political activist. His book, Rules for Radicals, was written in 1971 and became popular during a period of social resistance in the U.S.  Mr. Alinsky was highly admired by Hillary Clinton, and she made a point of communicating with him personally during the writing of her College thesis that highlighted much of his attitude and beliefs.]

[President Barack Obama, who finished his term as President in Jan. 2017, was a strong supporter of Mrs. Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Obama attended Columbia University in New York City, and Harvard Law School. His activities prior to being elected to the U.S. Senate as a Representative of the State of Illinois, was that of a Community Organizer in Chicago.]

[Rahm Emanuel, the current Mayor of Chicago, also was born in Chicago. He served under President Obama as the Chief of Staff before leaving to run for the position of Mayor of Chicago. He also served in the Administration of President William Clinton as his Chief of Staff from 1993 to 1998. President Clinton is the husband of Hillary Clinton.]

I have interjected the brief information on these individuals to bring out the connection between them. I take special note of the Chicago connection, it is very interesting. And does anyone wonder at the homicide rate in this very same Chicago? It is higher than the National average! It is already higher than the average of 2016 of this same period in time.

Most of the Democratic Liberals all seem to have some tie to that City, and they all seem to be members of an un-official organization of radicals within the Democratic Party; of course, there are many more. We have Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who has constantly opposed President Trump on just about everything he tries to do. Mr. Schumer is the very person I had in mind when stating at the onset of this writing, the words “…obstruction of justice…”. He has been leading members of the Democratic Party in the Congress, in efforts to stop or delay the confirmation of many of the Presidents appointments. He has done this by putting the Party ahead of  National Security; ahead of the very folks that pay his salary and have put him in office.; ahead of the residents and citizens of the United States of America.  Joining Mr. Schumer in this endeavor we find Nancy Pelosi, a very outspoken proponent of President Obama, Senator Warren of MA., Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, and many uninformed members of the Entertainment community who value themselves far above any of their fellow citizens who support their careers. And they act upon the belief that we, the average American, are not well informed nor have the intelligence to think for ourselves. That may be true of their segment of fans that truly idolize them, but I daresay the rest of us far outnumber the obsessive fans.

This is a very selfish endeavor. They are holding up the Governments business for reasons known only to themselves. Not being sure of the actual reasons, I can only assume them to be personal ‘for the party’. But the fact is that they are putting the safety of the United States Citizens in peril. They are Politicizing our National Security. This attitude of putting the Party agenda ahead of the people and the security of our Country, has been obvious for many decades. This faction of the current Democratic Party is desperately trying to regain the power and control over the American people; and at the same time increasing their own status among the inner factions of the Party. They cannot wait the four years to challenge the current Administration. They are aware that too much would be lost in that time. They would have to start over. I believe they are acting out of desperation and panic.

We must be cautious in our endeavor to stop this nonsense. The paid protestors that stand ready at a moment’s notice to rail up against just about anything, damaging property, hurting people, and basically disrupting the environment and the economy, are also ready and prepared to do violence.
Be strong, be patient, temper your anger. We will prevail using our intelligence, our sense of right, and our voices.
God is with us.


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