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JEREMIAH 18:7-10

There is a fire
That burns in me
More fiercely every day
Tyranny and evil
allowed to have their way
There is a fire that burns so bright
I wonder if it’s even light
Passionate, consuming hate
Oppression, wickedness the rule
In those who run the state.
My country is a powder keg
My people weak and faint
So many blind and listness
The people have no say
The principles that we once held
Just ashes on the wind, unveiled
Decadence has won the day
Our leadership, corrupt, unjust
The people led by worldly lust
Our laws have turned into loose sand
That seems to dribble through the hand
Of  blind and deaf, self satisfied
Led by wickedness and pride.
They play the fiddle while all around
Our country burns into the ground
Can anyone just hear the sound,
Or see the death that swirls and screams
Blood is pouring from the seams
Our nation writhing, groaning, dying
The trumpet blows, to warn the people
The circus at it’s height
Barbarians beat down the gate
The people satisifed, too late
And now the dance with death begins
All the things we loved will end
Tyranny with cold cruel hand
Decends upon uncaring band
Of a people blinded by their wealth
The enemy laughs, O!
Foolish sheep, refuse to see
And you will weep
Your freedoms gone, And rightly so?
For if we will not rise to fight
Against the cold and vicious night
Do we not deserve our plight?

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