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Profiling is a necessity considering our present world of so much diversity. The best and easiest way to spot someone who is “wanted”, is to give a FULL description; including as much as possible!

I have always argued this point, and I will continue to do so. My first awareness of profiling was thru a TV show, many years ago, about a specific FBI Profiler. I was amazed at the accuracy and intensity of the process and have been a supporter ever since.

In my opinion, it is an excellent tool for criminal investigators; one that we should never take away from them. If you are driving a model and color vehicle they are looking for, then you can expect to be stopped. If your personal traits and appearances match those of a suspect, then you better expect to be pulled from the crowd.

‘Collateral damage’ has always been a part of international war, and it follows also that it will be a part of civilizations’ daily fight against crime. We must not take away from our protectors the ability to do their job. They put their very lives and safety on the line for you and I. The least we can do is support and help them in any way we can. Many a child will grow up without a father or mother; all they will have is a photograph, a badge or dog-tags, and a commendation plague.

The love, warmth, and smile will fade with time.

If one is so quick to run from warnings and shouts to stop, then one should expect to face the consequences when and if caught. The officer can only assume that you are guilty, or you wouldn’t run.

I don’t want to hear that you ran to avoid “police brutality”. That is nonsense. You ran because you have something to hide. And any trace of forceful police action (aka ‘brutality) does not surprise me as there is usually a “struggle” when a police officer has to chase, and eventually catches up to, a perpetrator.

Neighborhoods and family should not be so quick to scream for justice until they have the entire story. We owe it to the Officers to hear their side of the situation. Don’t ever forget … “.. innocent until proven guilty…”.

We have lost many good officers because the ‘neighborhood’ gathered in protest and made enough noise (including violence in some cases), that the politicians punished the officer prematurely just to keep the people happy.

Under President Obama, it appears to me, racism took a huge leap forward. Obama promised “people of color” an awful lot of goodies, that never materialized. This is typical in my opinion of the Democratic Party; a lot of promises that have turned out to be just empty lies.

The politicians touted Obama as deserving of carrying the mantel of “first” Black American to sit in the Oval Office. And the White population, seeking to appease their guilty consciences, jumped on the bandwagon. What many in the Black community did not realize, was that his Birth Certificate legally deemed him to be of the White Race. Thus, the corrections that were made, and subsequently interpreted as an effort to hide his birthplace, stirred a very unnecessary controversy.

This also contributed to the racial unrest, along with Pres. Obama’s own words and actions that incited a great deal of the same.

Books have been written about the racial divide in America today. My collective memory of these writings leads me to accept the fact that most Black folks simply have had trouble accepting, dealing with, and living under the new found freedoms and liberties. That is a hard concept to explain, and although I do understand it, I fear I cannot give it true justice in an attempt to explain.

I do feel, and honestly believe, that the Democratic Party, and those who push for Socialist policies, are using the current racial and ethnic divide in our Nation today to further their agenda.

All of this is a lot for the average, busy everyday American to follow. And thus many turn to the News channels in the evening. Our problem, in my opinion, is that we, as a Country, had grown to accept and believe the news reports given to us by the Media. And back in a different time, we could always count on them and trust them to give us the truth. Today, it is different.

Many of the large Media Corporations are now under the control of the likes of George Soros, and many other followers of the Clintons. Hillary herself enjoys a large financial control of a huge Media conglomerate.

Many months previous, I spoke of a large organization of the World’s richest Billionaires, seeking to put our Planet on a One World Order government, wherein they, the wealthiest, would control our everyday life.

It is my single opinion that this group was the backers of Mrs. Clinton for the previous National Election. They not only backed her financially, but they took steps to ensure her election. That, I believe, is the reason for the unhinged actions and words, not only by Mrs. Clinton, but also by others in her realm of influence, and her followers in the Democratic Party. Many of them, I’m sure, expect a One World Order to be in their best interest. The Democrats expected to have a large “say” in this new singular Government. They all expected to reap the rewards, such as they may be. Could it be they actually believed they would be in control of this? Possibly!

Well now, wouldn’t that explain the panic and discomfort.

Our current President, being of the same or close financial class, and having the backing of others in his status, do not want the One World Order. Such a system would be devastating to many of them.

For they, like President Trump, prefer to keep the rewards of hard work within the control of those who have achieved it.

Does anyone among us honestly believe that the wealthy financial class intends to withdraw a million dollars from their accounts, and hand it out on the street corner? Not Bernie Sanders, or the Ocasio-Cortez family; not the Warren family or even the Obama family. You will not see Pelosi nor Schumer, or anyone of the wealthy Democrat or Socialist families sharing their wealth. They will hide behind their “gated community”, and employ bodyguards when they step down into the World.

Many of these men and women are “self-made”. Many have inherited what their fathers or grandfathers worked hard to get, and they are working to maintain; no way will they just hand that over.

No, my friends; there is a strong delusion running around the streets of America today. The American Dream is what many are looking for. It is what is driving the huge Immigration. Many see how our economy has taken a leap forward.

Under the present administration, things are looking stable and rosy. We have many legal and illegal immigrants living in our Towns and Cities. They are encouraging their relatives still in the native land, to come and build a better life. But the problem, as I see it, is the Socialist Democrats and Progressives hanging onto the coattails of our Republic. They hope to fly into the promised future with the Worldly Billionaires and Corporate moguls. Do they not realize they will be counted among the “average”?

The Entertainment community will feel this the hardest. They will be the ‘Court Jesters’ of the future.

It is way past time for our support to be put where it belongs. Stand with those who want America to remain the bastion of hope for all. Stand with those who are backing our current administration. STAND FOR OUR REPUBLIC.

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