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Anyone who has studied the Bible knows how powerful words are.

God spoke the world into existence with His words.

The Bible talks about how our words can be blessings or curses.

Since January 20 our President and Vice President have been proving that words can be as powerful as a physical border wall in keeping illegals out of our country.

Just by publicly stating that they will enforce the laws of our nation they have reduced the flow of illegal crossings by 70%.

This reminds me of one of Ronald Reagan’s first accomplishments.His predecessor, the extremely weak Jimmy Carter fumbled around and accomplished nothing while 52 Americans were held for 444 days by government-backed Iranians.

But Reagan made it clear that America was going to finally be strong again on his watch.

Iran feared him, so they released the hostages on the day of his inauguration.

Obama did the opposite.

He made it very clear to Mexican and Central American governments that America was so weak it couldn’t enforce its own laws.

The word got out to their citizens, who flocked across our borders.

Obama refused to allow our Border Patrol agents to do their jobs, Instead, he humiliated them by making them babysit the thousands of illegal children his policies encouraged to enter.

Now, once again we have a strong leader in the White House.

Like Reagan, he projects American strength throughout the world.

Unlike the cowardly Obama, he is not afraid to say that America is back, it will enforce its laws, and it will protect its borders.

After eight years, it’s good to see a man in the White House.

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