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You may have noticed an increasing number of people are not wearing watches as the ubiquitous cell phone, and even the older flip-phones, feature the utterly accurate time on their small screens. The more popular tablet types have it somewhere on the screen so who needs a wrist watch? The kicker is that many of these very expensive timepieces do not keep good time. They are items of jewelry, documenting wealth, particularly for men, who have few opportunities for jeweled embellishment.

The “Bovet Virtuoso VIII 10-Day Flying Tourbillion Big Date” of which only 80 are made per year, sells new for $267,800 and a few such bizarre wrist time pieces have been advertised for even more. The new rage is showing you the working mechanism so you can see the innards of the thing as this has become high fashion. It is rather like having lunch with a High Fashion Week model who is so thin you can see the $700 lunch you took her to digesting. While it adds to the experience, Who needs it?

The open secret is that shopping for a particular watch you like shows a wide range of prices and there is a vigorous trade in used upper end watches. They are so well cared for who would ever know the difference?

Dealers in these goods are found in places like Geneva, Switzerland, the Shangrila Hotel, Katmandu, Sinan Pasa Mah, Istambul, Via Serlas 35-37, 7500 San Moritz, Switzerland, Asprey 167 New Bond St., London, England, Avenida Lusiada 1500-392 Lisboa, Portugal, The Bovet Boutique, Geneva, Principe de Veragara 22, 28001 Madrid, Espana. You will be served chilled Champagne while shopping, Truffles in season or Cavier in the Odessa, Kiev, Russia shops. You will, of course, be expected to show up with “your man,” who will take care of the actual transaction as you gracefully stride to a waiting limo with your new timepiece.

This is another world for people that love to keep things in place. It will be the final resting place of the wristwatch, a device that has become impractical and inappropriate for most of us, but only that much more necessary for those seeking elite status by wearing the vanishing watch.

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