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Canada is a smokescreen for Communist Chinese expansion in America!”

Canadian Conservative leader Andrew Scheer commented, “Ultimately the USMCA will be judged on how Canada benefits.” More importantly, the USMCA must be judged on how Communist China in Canada benefits! This is what is vital to America’s success with the USMCA.

Through the coordinating Hate-America agenda of global-government elitist Maurice Strong, the People’s Republic of China has systematically released its communist citizens to expand in Canada (and through Canada into the USMCA).

Consider the following for a complete picture of Chinese implications in the new USMCA. It is truly overwhelming!

Canada is obsessed with forcing tariffs on America. But look at all the Free Shipping China is given, daily, for shipping its Ebay goods to Canada! President Trump does well to expose product dumping!

Expanding jobs is hypocrisy. “The USMCA is n agreement creating more jobs,” announces Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland.. “This is a progressive outcome. The environment chapter of USMCA is enforceable. It is much stronger than previous environment chapters.”

“Nothing is more central to the progressive agenda than protecting high-wage workers,” announces Minister of Foreign Affairs Freeland.. “It fosters growth and expands the middle class.” Wrong. The progressives have always worked to destroy the North American middle class. But yes, the progressive agenda expands the Communist Chinese middle class, active in the People’s Republic of China expansion agenda, thrust into Canada, courtesy of America-hating Maurice Strong, through Marxist Multiculturalism and its conquest-through-immigration program.

Protecting high-wage workers is deceptive. The only one to benefit from the current wage hikes in Canada are the government, as more taxes are paid. There is nothing more central to a progressive Marxist government than raising wages to raise taxes.  Period.

Of course, nothing is said about all Canada’s outsourcing to Chinese workers in Panama and to China itself. When Canada stops doing this, the traditional Canadian middle class may have a chance to be strengthened, which at the moment is just “getting by.”

Oh, Chinada!

Look here. Wireless now brings in more money than oil. And China is working hard to control both in Canada! Along with buying up the gold! The wireless industry, gold, banking, oil, ongoing Canadian farm and ranch purchases (the latter purchased for the oil beneath). Profits are then directed to grow “Canadian” investments and industries related to USAMC. Look at all these Canadian-Chinese ties courtesy of America-hating Maurice Strong. All they need now in Canada is to activate their pre-positioned Chinese army officers to guarantee these interests…

Chinese manufacture the John Deere and Link vehicles for Canada. Isn’t that nice?

The Chinese are the largest visible minority group in Alberta and British Columbia — Wikipedia

For years, every day hundreds of COSCO (Chinese Overseas Shipping Company) roll across Canada, transporting their Free Delivery goods and who knows what else… One can only imagine as only one in ten COSCO cars are inspected in port. Walkie talkies, solar units, cell phones, guns and ammo and tasers and their toy equivalents, not always distinguishable.

Communist Chinese controls for Canada include domination of the Smart Car and AI industries in Canada. Imagine the Communist controls involved with just the control of Smart Cars in North America!

Communist Chinese involvement with computers, robotics, mechanization, AI, related toys, will only decrease jobs, not increase them!  Anything these areas will do to contribute to a cashless economy will all reduce jobs by the millions!  Cashless tills (non-worker tills) alone will reduce jobs by the millions.

The Canadian mask of the Chinese involved in hundreds of ways with USAMC is overwhelming. This article is only a brief overview.  Please forward this to your senators and congressmen today. The deepest part of the Swamp is in Canada and its badly-polluted tide is ever rising into the USA…


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        1. Edmonton to host Canada’s first smart network for vehicles –

5 Mar 2018 … The University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton are giving new … that the Chinese government aims to have these smart cars make up 50 …


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