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You had to know this was coming. Even if President Trump ultimately caves on the border wall/budget standoff, this month’s dishonored still deserves forty lashes with a wet sock. Yes, she is now about as useful to the American cause as a wet sock. Once an icon, now an icon-wannabe, take a short bow and a long exit, Ann Coulter.

After the president reopened the government for three weeks, Coulter called Trump “the biggest wimp ever to occupy the Oval Office.” We all know that she, like the president, has a flair for hyperbole. By the time you read this, she may well be back on board the Trump Train. Or not. Who knows, who cares? Ann used to buttress her fiery rhetoric with a razor-sharp recall of the facts, until she learned that controversy alone would grant her more press and continued spots on the Bill Maher show. She no longer comes off as a spirited ideologue as much as a petulant child. With Trump barely into his presidency, she was already lamenting slow progress on the border wall, warning that his base would leave him and he would wind up a one-term president. Has any liberal ever thrown in the towel that quickly?

Remember how she spent much of the Obama years breathlessly telling Republicans that New Jersey governor Chris Christie was our only hope? Then it was Mitt Romney, touted as the Reagan of the 21st Century. Yes, she actually compared Romney to Reagan. So, how are Christie and Romney doing for the conservative movement at this time?

Fast-forward to Donald Trump. Ann, of course, gave us the bestselling In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome. Anyone you hold to a standard that high is bound to disappoint. Even the most simple-minded conservative harbors a healthy degree of skepticism of politicians, even those he or she intends to vote for.

Ann Coulter, a Constitutional attorney, should know better than anyone that a president cannot unilaterally spend money. He must play the legislative and political cards he is dealt. President Trump’s responsibilities include sustaining our economy and ensuring national security. With one party Hell-bent on his destruction and the other barely in his corner, he deserves a spot on Mt. Rushmore instead of schoolyard taunts from his ‘base.’

Ann Coulter would surely have sneered at President Reagan from the sidelines before his tax cuts and deregulation policies bore fruit. 1981-82 was a tough period for Reagan, but men and women of principle stay the course and don’t bail out at the first sign that the fight won’t be easy.

Ann, of course, will paint herself a Reagan conservative when it’s time for a speaking engagement or a book tour – just as quickly as she will disparage the president or Sarah Palin to stay in good standing with Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher. And speaking of books, her last one, Resistance Is Futile, largely a debunking of the Russia probe, lacked her trademark fire, passion and wit. A quick, easy read, also a dud.

Ann jumped the shark sometime in the 2000s. She, of course, cheered on the Iraq War like a one-woman pep rally. Then, in 2017, she opposed the Trump Administration for bombing Syria, casting herself as a strict non-interventionist! We are all entitled to change our opinions, but isn’t it funny how her changes of heart always bring a lot of press coverage? People such as Ann are just too erratic to shape public opinion.

Ann would rather trade in controversy and provocation than principle and conviction. I witness her slide into irrelevance with great sadness. Being a good conservative does not require lock-step agreement with a Republican president. It does require patience and fortitude. The president was not elected to enact your personal agenda alone, Ann. Check your Constitution. Clearly with conservatives like you, who needs liberals?

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