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While all may understand the Democrats acting like Kindergarten kids when the ice cream truck didn’t show up, and Jeb Bush Republicans who gave him $150 million assuming he was a “slam-dunk” like Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD, in Iraq, the actual number of frothing at the mouth folks in Washington, DC is much greater. They are all members of the “US” party.

We may vote for Democrats and Republicans in “fly-over country,” the areas where the passenger plane toilet holding tanks are discharged on Air Force One, private jets for Senators and Representatives going home to grovel for money to bury in the back yards of their electric fenced estates. These people dream of arriving to throngs of thousands on their knees and screaming, “We are not worthy! We are not worthy!”

The “US” party rules America and it does not mean “United States.” It means the elected ruling class as opposed to “THEM,” citizens suffering what they put on us in regulations, taxes all they take from us including our sons. They see us as “THEM,” The Halfwit Eviscerated Masses.”

These are the folks who fear Donald J. Trump like an untreatable social disease that produces terminal itching, Leavenworth or Club Fed in Lompoc, California our Five Star Prison for the elected ruling class.

Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert arrived in Washington, DC from Illinois with $250,000 net worth and came back with $22 million and another $4 million waiting from the “Hastertert Highway to Nowhere, Illinois project for which he owned or optioned much of the land. Yes, there are Republican skunks. Hastert’s home state is the only one where the last six Governors are in prison and the seventh missed his term by dying during his malfeasance in office trial.

It has been rumored that Diane Feinstein, with help from her husband Richard Blum, will be the first elected person to become a billionaire while in public office. “Di Fi” has been instrumental in getting Dick contracts like that for the sale of US Post Offices and the building of the California high speed train from Nowhere to Forgotten, CA, but at 300 miles per hour. That’s a people puller. You cannot make them up, but they will make up ridership.

The reason so many politicians hate and fear Donald J. Trump is that they have shaken him down for millions of Dollars. When he seeks revenge the Capitol building foyer will look like the castle yard of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for the Dracula bedtime stories so popular with Democrat parents since they had to give up their slaves and whips.

Yes, ObamaLand is about to vanish in the flaming, smoke mists of kiss-and-tell books with million Dollar advances and who knows, the publishers may actually make money on the death of the US Party.


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