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Remember how the left kept saying that they want to do away with gas-powered cars and want us in electric vehicles because EVs are better for the environment? Yeah, well the truth is, they don’t want us in EVs, either. They want to eliminate ALL cars… and they just admitted it.

Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has gathered a group of so-called “leading experts” to advise him on “transportation equity,” and the group includes those who have openly called for an end to ALL privately owned cars.

And, yes, he is spending our tax dollars on this nonsense.

Buttigieg has appointed 24 of these Marxists to his new Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity (ACTE) with the goal of providing “independent advice and recommendations about issues of civil rights and various contexts of transportation equity from a variety of leaders.”

“We are grateful to the distinguished members of the ACTE, and I look forward to working with them as we continue our efforts to bring better infrastructure—and the jobs and opportunities that come with it—to every community across the country,” Buttigieg said in the announcement.

One of these new Marxists is Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, the Sustainable Communities Program Director, GreenLatinos. She actually admitted openly that she wants to take away everyone’s privately-owned car.

“My interest in being on the [equity committee] is to raise the question and push the Department of Transportation to really think about: What are some equitable, environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial, and feasible alternatives to policy that is car-centric?” Marpillero-Colomina told the Washington Free Beacon. “How can we reimagine streets to prioritize people instead of cars? How can we create streets that are inclusive of modes other than cars?”

Indeed, on her Twitter account she outright said it in all caps: “ALL CARS ARE BAD.

Marpillero-Colomina is not alone. Veronica Davis, the Deputy Director, Houston Public Works; Director, Transportation and Drainage Operations, City of Houston, chimed in to say cars are “racist,” too.

“Not to oversimplify the problems of transportation, but all roads lead back to cars,” Davis wrote in her recent book. “This isn’t anti-car propaganda but vehicles have wreaked havoc on the environment and communities. … Racism shaped the urban and suburban areas, where even today we see the residual effects.”

In other words, it isn’t anti-car propaganda, but all cars are racist and need to be eliminated.

How is that not anti-car propaganda??

The fact is, these leftists want to take away your car. Even if you foolishly bought an EV. They don’t want you to have that, either.

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Warner Todd Huston

Warner Todd Huston has been writing editorials and news since 2001 but started his writing career penning articles about U.S. history back in the early 1990s. Huston has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and several local Chicago News programs to discuss the issues of the day. Additionally, he is a regular guest on radio programs from coast to coast. Huston has also been a Breitbart News contributor since 2009. Warner works out of the Chicago area, a place he calls a "target rich environment" for political news.


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