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The Truth about Vaccines — Part 5

As we have been learning Big Pharma has been putting completely unnecessary ‘ingredients’ in their vaccines that do more harm than good.  Ingredients like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG and hidden cancer viruses.1  Their testing are fabricated results to claim a high percentage of efficacy but when there is an outbreak the majority of the people that affected had been vaccinated against the virus.  Vaccinated children should be healthier than unvaccinated children but the Amish community, which refuses to participate in any vaccine program, for the most part, don’t experience the outbreaks regular societies do and have a near-zero rate of autism! 2

With all of what was just listed, we add to it the fact that there is a ‘secret’ government vaccine court that actually has more power than the Supreme Court of the United States and is allowed to operate outside the Constitution, Bill of Rights and can ignore due process. 3  I could go on and on considering how Big Pharma has guaranteed that they will be able to continue to produce deadly ineffective products for large profits. They buy the media to stay silent about the number of vaccine-related sicknesses, deaths, and disabilities and they fund politicians on both sides of the fence to keep them protected from most lawsuits.  Now we have politicians that are proposing laws that make it illegal for a parent to exercise their rights over their children’s healthcare: State Senator Richard Pan, the author of SB 277, a law that requires kindergartners to get twenty-seven different doses of medication and fifteen different shots or forego a public education, has indicated his 2019 plans include overriding doctors’ free will.

Legislation or other efforts to this end would be an unprecedented and dangerous intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship.

Pan recently detailed these plans in multiple different interviews, where he claimed there is a problem with “medical exemptions” – i.e., official opinions by a doctor that if a child is vaccinated, that child could suffer harm.

Medical exemptions are extremely rare, and doctors grant them only if a child or a family member suffers from things like a debilitating disease (such as leukemia), or if a child or a family member had a well-documented negative reaction to a vaccine or one of its ingredients.

Just 0.7% of students obtain such an exemption, up from 0.2% before the passage of SB 277, a change that is not statistically significant. The total number of children exempt from the state’s vaccine requirements (i.e., including those 1.1% exempt due to disabilities) has actually dropped since the passage of SB 277, going from 2.6% to 1.9%, indicating that Pan’s plan is a solution in search of a problem.

Yet Pan implied that some doctors are charging to issue exemptions, a fact unsupported by any evidence. 4

Just how far is this Democrat Party going to go in its overreach into the lives of the American people?  Just when did the government become the nanny state, by force.  It has forgotten that the Constitution is a means for the people to control the government not the other way around.  As is usual with the media they are attacking sensible parents that have a legitimate concern about the safety of vaccines.  Remember California is mandating a child receive fifteen different vaccines shots containing twenty-seven different drugs with no way for the parent to opt-out!  Now the UN is getting involved and trying to use social media to shame those that have bona fide concerns about vaccines. On Jan. 19, the Editorial Board of the New York Times declared that “anti-vaxxers” are “the enemy” and called on the U.S. government to “get tough” by waging a “bold and aggressive” pro-vaccine campaign that includes “tightening restrictions around how much leeway states can grant families that want to skip essential vaccines.” 

By Jan. 23, The Hill announced that Washington state had declared a state of emergency because of 23 cases of measles reported in an “anti-vaccination community” near Portland, Oregon, and there was a public call in the UK for social media platforms to “clamp down on fake news” and censor “misleading information and negative messaging around vaccination.”

The New York Times editorial headline “How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers” was a theme repeated in articles reacting to the WHO’s suggestion that people wanting to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination are a global menace.

One doctor suggested that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are selfish:

“… it’s a matter of ‘I don’t care about other people in the community, I only care about the health and welfare of my own child.’” 

There was no discussion about institutionally acknowledged gaps in vaccine safety science or the fact that most parents dutifully follow the advice of pediatricians and public health officials and only became vaccine safety critics after the risks of vaccination for their children turned out to be 100 percent.

No discussion about the fact that since 2011, pharmaceutical companies have no liability for injuries and deaths caused by government recommended and mandated vaccines they sell in the U.S. 

Instead, parents of vaccine-injured children and others concerned about vaccine safety, who for decades have been asking government and industry to produce better quality vaccine science and more humane vaccine policies that respect genetic and biological diversity, were stereotyped as “anti-vaxxers” and demonized as a “threat” to public health. 5 c

I find it very disturbing that parents, when educated on the extreme dangers of vaccines, are being targeted by Big Pharma via the media to shame them for being responsible adults.  More reasons to call them Fake News.  Even the Kentucky Health Department warned about vaccines made in Mount Sterling.  Location Vaccination began providing vaccines for businesses in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana in September.  Shortly after, some people started noticing swelling and lumps at the injection site. 6

When a death occurs as a result of a vaccine the reporting is even shaded.  There is no place on the death form for ‘vaccine-related’ so it is reported as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or other ‘unknown’ reasons. When a baby or child dies after a vaccine, there is nowhere on the coroner’s form or death certificate to check “vaccine reaction.”

So deaths are ruled Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs), Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome (SUDs) or unknown. These labels are NOT actually causing of death. 

They’re all used when a healthy baby or child dies suddenly and the coroner cannot find the cause….but maybe that’s because they’re not looking in the right direction.


23,000 babies die in the U.S. every year on or before 12 months of age, making the U.S the MOST dangerous developed country for babies. (1)

Guess what? The statistics for children aren’t much better with the U.S leading the way with the highest rate of child death in the developed world. (2)

And the ones that don’t die, get sick. Chronic health issues are skyrocketing among American children with nearly HALF of all kids suffering a chronic illness. With numbers like these, the U.S. has one of the sickest childhood population in the developed world (see a pattern here?), despite spending more per capita on ‘health’care than any other country in the world. 7

Our children are our future.  They must be protected at all costs, but vaccines are more of a risk than the actual sickness itself. Please research before you expose your child to the extreme dangers of vaccines.

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