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Both Democrats and Republicans have been throwing around the treason charge on Trump and Obama with increasing frequency.  What reason do Republicans have for making that accusation?  More to the point, what has Trump done to warrant Democrat’s accusations of treason?  An examination of Obama’s actions as president is required along with Trump’s.  Let’s do a synopsis.

TREASON: noun {in United States law} – the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Article III of the Constitution (in part): Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Trump’s Treason according to Democrats

Democrat’s accusations of treason against Trump are founded in their belief that he colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary.  It is furthered by Trump’s actions to stop illegal immigrants and banning Moslems from certain countries that were described as being founded in racism.  Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accords that leftists say is how they are saving the world from climate change.  Add to that Trump’s reopening American coal mining and off-shore oil drilling, threatening North Korea and Iran, nixing Obama’s Iran Deal, giving weapons to Ukraine to fight the invading Russians, killing Russian mercenaries in Syria, meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, and then inviting him to the White House.  All of these, according to Democrats, are due to Trump’s unstable mentality, and being a Putin puppet owing his wealth to the Russian oligarch who apparently has something damaging on him to use as black mail.

Obama’s Treason according to Republicans

Republican’s accusations of treason against Obama are founded in their belief that he is a Moslem socialist whose actions were to reduce American power and manage her decline while empowering her enemies.  It is furthered by Obama’s actions against American Christians to force abortion and gay marriage on the church, nuking the economy with his fellow Democrats in 2008 to get him elected, signing a massive deficit spending bill over $1 trillion dollars and blaming it on Bush, and funding the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Middle Eastern governments.  Add to that Obama choking the economy with regulations and high tax increases through ObamaCare, taking over the healthcare industry, seizing control of student loans from banks, stealing GM stock from investors and giving it to employees, shutting down American energy by closing federal lands to oil drilling and shutting down coal mining by executive order.

In addition, Obama pulled American troops out of Iraq allowing the growth of ISIS, initiated a faux bombing campaign that did no damage except to deplete America’s ready weapons whose budget he had cut, traded five top Taliban leaders for one traitor, imported many more Moslems some of whom made major jihadi terror attacks every year of his presidency and numerous minor ones, and forced America’s allies to import millions of Moslems who are squatting, rioting, thieving and raping their way through their countries.  Finally, he committed America to the Paris Climate Accords which was just another way of sucking out America’s wealth to other countries, he also committed America to his Iran Deal that asked Iran to abide by U.S. restrictions on developing nuclear weapons that they never agreed to, and lastly he weaponized the IRS against citizens, the NSA against journalists, and the intelligence agencies against the Trump campaign by getting a FISA warrant through a fraudulent document – the Steele/Hillary dossier.

Parsing the facts of Trump

Beginning with Trump’s “Russian collusion” that Mueller has been investigating for over a year and a half and come up empty, it must begin with the fact that even Obama said during the campaign it’s not possible for a foreign entity to change the election.  (Though it is certainly possible for Democrat pollsters and voters to commit fraud.)  The Russians indicted by Rosenstein are accused of “meddling,” i.e. running ads trying to manipulate voters.  This is what both campaigns do, and it doesn’t change actual votes.  The indictment, like the previous one of Russian companies, is expected to never see a courtroom.  The one company that did respond to Mueller’s indictment, pleading not guilty, is being stone-walled by Mueller who refuses to disclose the evidence by which he indicted them which he is required to do by law.  His excuse is they are still doing it, so he can’t.  That’s like saying the Mafia is still committing crimes so the crime bosses cannot be brought to trial.

The basis of the collusion charge, the FISA Warrant, was found to be based on a fictional document paid for by the Hillary campaign to have a British national write to slander Trump.  The DoJ signatory of this warrant has been discovered, after a year and a half of stonewalling Congress, to be none other than Obamaite Deputy AG Rosenstein.  That he, like Sessions, should have recused himself, but instead has been involved up to his scalp, goes beyond a violation of ethics.  All of this proves that Mueller’s investigation, that has done no more than persecute Republicans for manufactured crimes, to be nothing more than a leftist witch-hunt just as Trump says.  That a Democrat president had America’s intelligence agencies spy on a Republican presidential candidate’s campaign is a thousand times worse than Watergate.

Leftists accusations of Trump being in Putin’s pocket are shown as lies in light of Trump’s actions against Russia.  His bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq destroyed ISIS in less than a year.  His arming of Ukraine against Russian invaders that annexed Crimea, his berating NATO members for not contributing to mutual defense in accordance with the treaty, his critique of Great Britain for subsuming their culture to Moslem colonists, his smacking of Germany’s chancellor for making under the table deals for Russian energy, his threatening Iran, his peacemaking in North Korea, his refinancing of America’s military, and his expansion of American power around the world make the left’s accusations the deluded fictions of an ignorant child.  What’s more is his pulling out of the climate accords and reopening American energy production is met by leftist hysteria.  Democrats insanely declare that he will kill all life on the planet in a century if he doesn’t start a nuclear war first.

Parsing the facts of Obama

Aside from Obama using a fraudulent document to obtain a warrant illegally to spy on Trump during the campaign the crimes of Obama go far beyond anything any president has ever done, let alone been accused of, or even dreamed up.  His managing America’s economic decline, the climate accords to suck away wealth, and his dictatorial shutdown of American energy forcing states to buy foreign sources are the least of his subversions.  But those are not treason.  They are betrayals.  Weaponizing the IRS against conservatives, the intelligence agencies against Republicans, and his efforts to unmake the Constitution, reduce America’s economy, and shrink America’s military to make her less influential in the world is not technically treason.

The people who elected him to do this approved of his actions, not because they are traitors, but because they are anti-America.  That’s why they join with foreigners to fundamentally transform America because they all believe that socialism is good and that capitalism is bad.  When half the population is against the other half it is not treason.  It’s a civil war.  If you don’t know about it, Democrats have always wanted the president to be a king and the elites to rule over the masses since the Founding.  That has never changed.  So, when you elect someone to manage America’s decline, corrupt her culture, and reduce her military and economy, you get what you deserve just like every idiot in the world that has ever elected a socialist to rule them.

On to actual treason!  Making his deal with Iran that they did not sign or agree to, that even Congress would not ratify, hobbled the U.S. while giving the Iranians a free hand.  Worse, he gave them hundreds of billions of dollars with which to do as they pleased.  To make a pile of manure into a stinking cesspool of corruption he gave them more billions of dollars to buy the freedom of Iranians with dual U.S. citizenship that had been imprisoned.  The deal allowed Iran to continue its work toward nuclear weapons while only restricting the USA from stopping them.

That’s just for starters.  While president, Obama funded the Muslim Brotherhood to renew the Jihad and overthrow Middle East governments to re-establish the Caliphate.  For six years Obama ran trillion-dollar deficits as “quantitative easing” putting billions into the pockets of his Wall Street cronies and funneling more billions to foreign U.S. enemies.  He did this by having the Senate not provide a budget to the nation for six years to show the people where the money was going.  ISIS came into being using the arms and funding Obama gave them.

He then waged a phony bombing campaign on them as waged Jihad seeking to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iraq and re-establish the Caliphate they believe will initiate Armageddon to bring back the 12th Imam.  (For those of you with no knowledge of Islam or Christianity, the 12th Imam in the Hadith is identical to the Anti-Christ in the Bible, and he is depicted as defeating Christ.)  When Ambassador Stevens in Libya threatened to expose his dealings with the jihadis, Hillary had his security removed and allowed him to be assassinated in Benghazi.

Obama also allowed the Iranians to send their forces into Iraq and Syria to take charge.  In addition, he encouraged millions of Moslems in war torn countries around the world, wars that he had either helped to start or exacerbated, to emigrate to Europe and America.  He did not ask any Middle Eastern of African nations living in peace to take any of them.  The result has been an invasion into Europe where in Sweden, Germany, England, and France, Moslems are living off of the people, occasionally rioting, making jihadi terror attacks, gang raping European women, defacing Christian churches, and much more.  Countries like Poland and Hungary that have refused to import Moslems are under attack by the EU to suffer with the rest of them.  Should the Jihad be permitted to continue to colonize Europe the entire West will be subsumed by Sharia Law.  Leftists say that won’t happen for decades, so no one should take action to stop it now.


Democrat’s charges of treason against Trump are all founded in their objection to conservative Christian policies rather than any illegal, treasonous actions on his part.  They feel betrayed because they want Democrat elites to rule and impose socialism on the rest of the country and Trump is undoing all they have accomplished under Obama.  Republican’s charges of treason against Obama, however, are founded in his giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies and working to overthrow the duly elected President.

The Russia Hoax by Gregg Jarrett details the entire Russian collusion fraud.

Obama presented himself as a Christian American, yet he was raised a Moslem in a foreign country.  He is still a Moslem as proven by his own words and actions; he adopted his Moslem father’s name, he acted against the Christians in all things, while he empowered Islamists around the world.  He works against America organizing for action through a fascist army of rioters, assassins, and propagandists, and continues to aid her enemies.

So, do you believe it was treason for Obama to supply the Muslim Brotherhood, a world Islamist terror organization, with arms and supplies?  Was it treason for Hillary to create the Steele Dossier?  Was it treason for Obama to use that dossier to obtain a FISA warrant?  Is it treason for Mueller & Co. to investigate Russian collusion?  Is it treason for President Trump to meet with Vladimir Putin?  Is it treason to enlist an army of agitators?  Is it treason to attempt to have Trump convicted of stealing the election and have Hillary be made president?

That answers to the first and last two are resounding yeses, while the remainder are all noes.  There’s no law against creating fiction especially in a political campaign where candidates always lie about and misrepresent each other.  Mueller can investigate whatever he wants and even get paid by taxpayers to do it at government direction.  The president can meet with whomever he wants regardless of the opposition of his critics.  But giving military aid to America’s enemies to overthrow America’s allies is aiding the enemy.  And engaging in public agitation, riots, assassinations, oppression, and attempting to overthrow the rightfully elected government via a coup through a fraud is likewise treason against the United States.

Where is America heading?

So, is anyone in the Obama regime, especially Obama, going to be held to account?  The GOP swamp is in no hurry to take action against them.  Democrats of the Obama regime still have security clearances and lunatics like his ex-CIA Director, John Brennan, are calling President Trump a traitor for meeting with Vladimir Putin.  The president has stated he wants their clearances revoked to which idiot Democrats responded declaring he was “acting as a dictator trying to silence his opposition.”  If the morons had half a brain to understand their false accusations then they would realize that if that were actually Trump’s character then they would already be in prison for their words.

There is far more resemblance in comparison of Obama to Hitler than in Trump.  Hitler was no billionaire businessman, but a nobody of no accomplishment other than inciting people through his charismatic character and getting elected to high office.  Both he and Obama employ thugs to persecute their political enemies and both ruled by dictate.  Liberals do not understand the difference between ruling and leadership.  The immature believes that supervisors “supervise” rather than lead the work crew.  Leaders make businesses and nations succeed by guiding citizens to prosperity, while rulers just take for themselves and dole out what they wish to their subjects.  Until liberals are educated by the righteous they will continue to be indoctrinated by leftist lies.  And so long as America does not uphold the Constitution and allows traitors to hold office in government to overrule the Constitution and commit crimes then America cannot hope to continue.

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