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The Democrat’s claim “17 US intelligence agencies say Russia hacked the 2016 election for Donald Trump,” is turning out to have a truth they are not going to like when it happens.

The claim evaporated with the replayed August 2016 tape of President Obama saying “Everyone knows there has never been a hacked, manipulated national election!  It’s just too diffuse…”

That has long been our contention, but a question remains, “Was there a Russian attempt to help Hillary?  Did Mr. Obama and the DNC know and take part in it?”  How else may we explain the Obama Administration’s utter silence on Russia taking Crimea on a dubious plebiscite where 90% of the Crimean’s were claimed to have voted for Russian acquisition.  That is an election where intervention is patently suspected, but Secretary Hillary Clinton said nothing.  Guess it’s OK if it’s not in your sandbox.

Then there was Mr. Obama’s “hot mic” remark to Russian President Medvedev, “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election,” and Mr. Obama’s action canceling NATO’s antimissile defense plan.  This hands Poland to Russia if either has serious internal problems which are possible.

The American left has a natural ally in Communist nations given their philosophical base, “From each as he may give.  To each as he may vote.”  of course it originally said, “To each as he may need,” but our version is the truth.

Our mutual interests with the USSR in World War II and now access to the International Space Station are proofs we can get along.  Russia desperately needs our agriculture and drilling technology as they did our metallurgy, chemistry, manufacturing and military technology in the previous century.

Russia suffered greatly in World War II.  They lost 27 million people, 40% of their male population, a wound not yet healed to this day.  They have endemic problems in grain production as their five grain farming regions are all north of Chicago and communism has never been good at agriculture where work, maintenance and science are critical. Socialism teaches people to expect free stuff they “deserve.”  The more we study economics do we see grain production as our basis.  Russia dearly needs what America has perfected, but they do not have “free market” inspiration.  Trade to Russians is trickery or war, the mind of Communism hates free enterprise.  The Russian uranium deal is a classic example in which they were working to strangle us.

Russia has eight times as much uranium as we, 8% of the world’s known ore where we have only 1%.  That they wanted 20% of ours only means they were gaming us in an act of undeclared war facilitated by the Clintons!  It should have been as obvious as sunrise to Hillary or she had no business being Secretary of State!

President Obama let it be known he wanted the deal to pass and per treaty it required the signatures of nine Federal bureaus, including the FBI where Robert Swan Mueller III was Director.  All nine signed off on it in a demonstration of the power of “The Deep State” as all knew it was wrong.

Where uranium is a key to electrical power and weapons Russia is most concerned about Australia as they have 29% of the world’s uranium reserve. Russia is very aware of our long-standing ties to Australia, but they are also aware China is preparing to dominate the world and the status of Australia will be the first course on the Chinese menu when they move to gobble up the western Pacific.

Meanwhile, the sniping war Russia and China have had on their 5000 mile border for 100 years continues so do not expect Vladimir Putin to be seen shaking the hand of Xi Jinping soon.  They may share Communist theory, but both know it is nothing more than a path to absolute power for the few and not the worker’s paradise promised.

All of this confirms the Russian desire to make trouble for us and any efforts to interfere with our elections is from that page.  Where we have 3141 counties with each running its’ own election and no voting on the Internet, there is no way any foreign power can directly affect our elections, but they can make trouble.

Russia is now examining our voter rolls to document foreign and deceased voters.  If release of this could cause civil uprisings, it will happen within the year.  Publication of these facts could ruin the Democratic party as the perpetrator of all the false registrations, and destroy the two party system leaving a leftist void for Communists to fill with their own people, but we have a defense:

The time has come to cleanse our voting rolls of all dead people and illegal alien voters.  The time is now!

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