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One of the dangers in America today is the small number of individuals it takes to destroy the reality that has been the cultural and social norms of the country. It starts with the Deep State using the power of globalists and progressive socialists that reside in the shadows to manipulate what the people believe.  The media, global businesses, government, academia and the higher echelons of the intelligence agencies continue to work together to fulfill the globalist agenda they have in mind for the American people.

One of the most prominent coordinators of the destruction of the United States is George Soros. Through his vast wealth and the control of significant portions of the media, Soros has spent many years attempting to disrupt the country by financing such organizations as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Woman’s March, and rioters throughout the nation.

But the violence is only a portion of the George Soros plan to dismantle the country. In the past, he has stated that the United States is the only thing standing in the way of his globalist government and he has done all he can to damage the fabric of this country,

One way to do damage is to overwhelm the country with immigrants. He has worked diligently to create an illegal immigration crisis and along with the progressive socialists have done the best they can to make the election process in this country as open to illicit voters as possible.

He has now pushed for all Puerto Rican immigrants to come to Florida and settle there. Even going so far as to work with the Progressive socialist Puerto Rican government to assist in bringing the voters of Puerto Rico to Florida to turn the state blue. Soros even started a new organization “United for Progress” in n effort to influence the quickly growing Puerto Rican communities throughout Florida. The New York Times is giddy over the idea of Florida turning blue and hoping it will upset the balance of conservatives in that state. According to J. Christian Adams, the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation acknowledges that Soros is spending millions of dollars to manipulate the rules of the elections in our country. From attacking those who investigate voter fraud to working with social media in the attempt to shout down conservative voices, the progressive socialists in our government and the globalists from the UN continue to work towards an agenda of unfettered power.

Soros also attempts to spin local politics his way. He is now working nationwide through various organizations to influence district attorney races so that his extremist acolytes can be in a position to do his bidding. Soros has plans to dismantle our justice system, break down all immigration laws, and fundamentally transform what he considers a broken criminal justice system. He has worked with politicians and judges in the Southwest to resist laws being enforced by ICE.

In 1976, John Cox, who is running for Governor of California was a candidate to the Democratic National Convention and voted for Jimmy Carter. In Chicago, where John Cox started his political career he purchased time on a local radio station to host a progressive radio show. John Cox voted for Gary Johnson for President, and all of this was after John Cox teamed up with George Soros in 2016 to formulate the agenda for a new group called Mayday PCA where a majority of the money was used to attack political opponents, namely Republicans.

John Cox is also on the board of Maplight and the advisory board of Sunlight Foundation. Is it the money that the liberal donors are passing through to the radical groups that would give the government of California even more to the progressive socialists who are doing such damage to our state?

Let’s look at some of these areas of concern that Soros is creating for our state.

In Sacramento County Noah Phillips, one of the Soros acolytes is attacking his opponent for supposedly failing to charge a police officer who allegedly shot a civilian. The shooting of Stephon Clark was ruled accidental, but even got Van Jones, the “green jobs czar” under Obama and a self-avowed socialist to put forth his opinion. Phillips admitted that these ads were financed and written by organizations working for George Soros. As reported in the Sacramento Bee, Soros has funneled $400,000 to fund Noah Phillips, a self-proclaimed “social justice” warrior. Also sending money to Phillips is Kamala Harris, who received $5400 from Soros for hr 2016 Senate campaign.

Soros has given $1.5 million to the Prosecutors race in San Diego County to support the left wing anarchist Genevieve Jones-Wright, who has claimed that the state “criminalizes poverty” and that misconduct of police must always be fought in the courts.

In Alameda County, a registered Democrat District Attorney Nancy O’Malley is being attacked because of her backing “stop and frisk” policies. Her opponent civil rights lawyer Pamela Price has called her racist and considers O’Malley being supported by law enforcement a negative.

Both Pamela Price and Genevieve Jones-Wright have received substantial contributions from George Soros and PACS associated with him.

It is not only in California, as seen in the election of radical progressive socialist Lawrence Krasner as Philadelphia DA.  Krasner has sued police departments over 75 times, represented Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter.

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