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Last Saturday morning, the United States government shutdown due to Democrat policies. The Democrats decided that illegal aliens were more important that American citizens, so, they blocked passage of a continuing resolution to further fund the spending. They misread the sentiments of Americans. The blame was fully placed on their shoulders. Even a couple of the Left Stream Media outlets  came close to blaming their own.

The Schumer Shutdown had lasted two and a half days before an agreement was made in the Senate. The agreement, basically, took them back to where they were Friday afternoon. The Democrats had refused that agreement then, but agreed Monday. The accord was to fund the government for three weeks and to debate DACA in the Senate.

During the shutdown, the Dems was pointing fingers at the GOP; the GOP was pointing back at the Dems. Afterward, most were recognizing it as a GOP victory. I’m old enough to have witnessed the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory way too many times to be overly confident.

Three weeks from now, we could end up with another shutdown, if the Democrats don’t get their way. Of course, right now, there are two bills getting worked up, concerning immigration. One, with Sens Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham, is really just a rehash of the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty. The other bill contains the Border Wall, the end of Chain Migration and mandatory E-Verify before any deal  on DACA, which is what President Trump said he wants. We’ll see.

One thing, however, is very obvious; this could mostly be alleviated if the Senate would actually do its job and produce a budget! Those Continuing Resolutions are killing us, on a lot of levels!

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