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The adage, “follow the money” is true regardless what the subject matter is or who is involved.

Of course many “deals” are legitimate and in keeping with the nature of capitalism and a free flowing economy.  Working toward economic independence, and even working toward wealth is a fine objective.  When the combination of economics and politics comes to the forefront pausing and truly listening or studying the issue is wise.  When the subject points to Mexican politics it is imperative you pause and study the various dimensions, and more often than not corruption, gangs, cartels, sinister intent are right up there with wealth creation.

The below mentioned article in the Washington Times clearly demonstrates just how sordid and multifaceted the industry of Mexican drug smuggling truly is, but other than lip service, the predominant majority of elected officials in both the United States and Mexico have no stomach to address much less sincerely confront head-on with all the resources that can be mustered to end this scourge.  The drug cartel industry in Mexico continues to grow in operational size and strength.  Arguably the cartels are the chief industry of Mexico, but don’t think they want to help the country in which they operate or the citizens.  The cartels are a closed shop, a family run business that shares very little other than when they share pays direct and valuable dividends back to the cartel.  Mexico has a failed government, and with the election of a new president who proudly proclaims his enthusiasm and belief in a socialist state the country and the unfortunate citizens will witness increased levels of systemic failure along with increased levels of cartel activity.  The cartels are very aware the new socialist president has already telegraphed that he has no intentions to confront their sordid and diabolical business; so ever looking to enrich, enlarge, and extend their reach the cartels are dedicatedly at work to accomplish improvements to their industry.  Teaming with the Russian mob is one example of the cartels serious enlarging.

The southern Border of the United States remains a flash point.  President Trump has, and is, keeping his word to secure the border of our Nation.  It is absolutely stunning that American elected officials in both political parties are not arm-in-arm standing with the president to Preserve and Protect the Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and domestic.  Why not?  What has contributed to them not supporting one of their most sacred obligations to the American People…to protect against ALL enemies!

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