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The Right Thing

Do you think it is necessary to be paid to do the right thing?

I don’t.

And, I don’t think it is necessary to be paid to not do the wrong thing, either.

Apparently, neither does Trump.

But things are reaching a very complicated position when Marxism rules the House of Representatives. We are already seeing signs that the left seeks to keep the President from doing the right thing.

Acosta was accosting the President, and he was thrown out. Now the CNN legal team seeks to accuse the President of violating the first amendment. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson’s house has been surrounded by an Antifa mob and leftists are mobilizing to protest the dismissal of Sessions. Now there is a new shooting at the Thousand Oaks bar in California targeting the right.

Socialists are great with compromise, but they offer nothing of value with which to deal. In a bargain, in a deal, in any legitimate negotiation, greater or lesser value is exchanged by each party.

Threats and violence are not value. These are the opposite of value.

Scientific socialism does not hide this fact. It is in its basic principle: “Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.” If the thesis is good, the antithesis is bad, and their ideal solution is a compromise between good and evil. Their “ideal” seeks to bring down good to average and thus lower the bar for the next good, causing a cycle downward until all is evil.

The effect of a “social principle” based on increasing evil, is that it will reach increasing evil if practiced correctly, as it has been in every single nation where socialism was practiced accurately.

Trump has refused to pay others to do the right thing and has refused to pay extortion to those that threaten that they will do the wrong thing. Further, he has indicated that he will punish those who intentionally do the wrong thing.

That is what leadership is supposed to do.

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