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The tax cuts and wage hikes have come to the American people as a godsend. More money in a working man’s pocket is always a positive event. But there is a movement afoot being pushed by the GOP establishment and the corporate donors that support them to align with the progressive socialists on a push for immigration amnesty.

A discharge petition written by the GOP and being spearheaded by Florida GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo is demanding amnesty should be, according to what Cubelo told Roll Call “as high a number as possible”.  The donors are calling the shots in an effort to assure a steady stream of immigrants, both legal and illegal to fill the low wage jobs that the donors create for a profit and at the expense of the American working man.

Part of this agenda is the attempt to convince the American people that this influx of  this low skilled low educated workforce is good for America. The polls being paraded across the televisions of America show poll after poll of American approval of immigrants. What it does not make clear is the same people they use in their polls adhere to President Trumps’ ideology of America First. Those same respondents have clearly shown that Americans should be hired first at prevailing living wages before hiring migrants. It’s not that they are jobs that Americans won’t do, but Americans need a living wage to do them. Illegal immigrants actually wind up costing the American taxpayer more than hiring an American in the first place. Total up all the benefits that an illegal can get, and the cost is prohibitive to the taxpayer but to the corporations and farmers that hire them, the illegals are a steal. They can pay them under the table, pay no taxes, and have a profit rating through the roof. These are the people that are driving the GOP establishment today.

And they are driving the GOPe right off the cliff. Once again the floodgates will be open to the likes of San Fran Nan and her band of globalist progressive socialists to run this country back into the ground. Because the GOPe in the body of Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell, Cubelo, GOP Rep. Jeff Denham,  and many others of the GOPe side are willing to force the “discharge petition” onto the Presidents desk and defeat any opportunity for the conservative base to follow Donald Trump in his quest to make the job market active and growing. Wages will once again stagnate, and jobs in this country will go to those who will accept the least money and have the American taxpayer kick in what they may need to live.

Although the “discharge petition” is supposedly about DACA, there is more to it than that. Chain migration will be allowed to continue. This importation of even more illegal immigrants will be many times higher than the American citizen birthrate. According to the Center of Immigration Studies Director of Research Steven Camarota , seven to eight million is the estimated number of foreign-born people that will arrive through chain migration. There have already been close to nine million chain migration recipients since 2005, changing many demographics in districts. Texas, Florida, and Arizona have all started sliding to the blue Progressive socialist side because of chain migration and illegal immigrants and the voting bloc that the leftists have carved out for them.

But this is what the progressive socialists are counting on. Those foreign-born people will be Democratic voters because the progressive socialists of the Democrat party will use the largesse of the country to shower them with benefits and then tell them that the only way to keep those benefits is to vote Democratic.

Studies have shown that immigrants have a preference of a significant protective government. Combined with the incessant drumbeat from the progressive socialists about “income inequality” and the fact that immigrants who refuse to assimilate to live a better life and the minor children that they bring here are entirely one-fourth of those in poverty, and one-third of the uninsured. The taxpayer once again is expected to supply all that the indigent people need. The redistribution of the progressive socialists and the expectation of these immigrants will bankrupt our country and do lasting damage as the leftists use it to snowball the American economy and culture into socialism.

The Koch Brothers are at the forefront of the conservative-libertarian spokesmen for amnesty. A letter was sent to both progressive socialists and GOPe lackeys that demanded amnesty for 1.8 million DACA eligible immigrants. Claiming that the “Dreamers” are among our best and brightest and here through someone else’s illegality. I have written about DACA before:

The conservatives in Congress and the Freedom Caucus must make it a priority to put an end to unconditional amnesty(which is what is being spearheaded now) and the sovereignty of our country and the control of our borders.

Ignored are the wishes of the American people. Both blacks and whites majorities have said that the immigration proposals that are being spearheaded now will further exacerbate the past detriment immigration has been to our communities. 61 Percent of all swing voters say mass immigration of low skilled, low educated immigrants has made life worse. Blacks in the swing vote survey tell this mass immigration of Central American is making them worse off by a plurality of 45%. The corporate GOPe has decided that they don’t need to do what the people who elected them to Congress to do but would rather bow down to the corporate masters that control the money.

It has been made clear to  GOPe that the RINO donors want to ensure that the cheap labor that they have enjoyed in the past is not to dry up. It is the wish of those donors that those who have broken our laws must be available for the jobs they can fill to undercut our citizens and even those who arrived here legally. Why are the RINOS and progressive socialists working to instill a permanent underclass in our country? Why do they not care that damage is being done to our working-class families, and why don’t they care about the working citizens in this state being used to subsidize these second-class citizens.

There is no excuse for the Republicans to take more of our money to assist the wealthy elites with their aids, gardeners, and laborers.

This is still the United States of America. A republic that is run by the citizen’s representatives that the people elect. We are not to be driven by corporations or those who are paid to do their bidding. Make the changes that need to be done to keep our country safe. The American people are watching, and if you continue to ignore the American people, there will be a revolution. The American people are waking up. No longer will illegal aliens demand anything from us. Wave you foreign flag in your own country and don’t bring you problems here. Assimilate and become a contributing member of the country or get the hell out.

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