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Have you noticed that a news anchors work is mostly reading scripts? They didn’t write those scripts a team of writers did. How about during interviews? Do you think that the Ken doll or the Barbie wrote all those questions themselves? Probably not and they certainly don’t need to. They have underlings for that. I can go to any telemarketing center in America and find someone pretty or handsome enough to read the news on live TV for 22 minutes and you don’t need to pay them several millions of dollars a year to do so. Yet for some reason, the networks do and so do a lot of local affiliates.

How many TV shows are there about “journalists” and movies that depict them as beyond reproach. Perhaps angelic would be a better term to use. And yet history shows that the press has colluded with government and/or certain political dogmas since there was a press. These are not the deliverers of truth and justice they pretend to be. Just consider the difference between how the press treated Richard M. Nixon to Barack H. Obama. If the same standards were used for both presidents either Nixon would have gotten a parade in the press or Obama would be trying to keep himself out of prison.

In America, members of the press are not journalists, they are celebrities (or at least they think they are). Gone are the days of a news anchor showing up to work in a 10-year-old Chevy Impala and welcome to the 21st century of chauffeured drivers for the top dogs. People don’t get into journalism anymore to do investigative reporting they get into it for a shot at the red carpet. If you think I’m kidding watch a few episodes of The Designated Survivor or House of Cards or any of a number of TV shows and movies where real news anchors play themselves. It is astonishing.

It’s not just today’s celebrity journalists who have sold out either. Everyone knows Dan Rather is a lying S.O.B. but even the journalist god Walter Cronkite was a flaming communist. Why was Walter Cronkite famous anyway? Because he sorta looked like Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo for you whippersnappers)?

Americans have to stop putting these news readers on the same platform as the Kardashian sisters (at least they have boobies). There are lots of people who can do their jobs and a few who can probably do them a lot better. Reading 22 minutes worth of news every night does not justify the kinds of wages that these people demand and the reason they get such big bucks is because of you America. Tom Brokaw could shoot someone in Times Square and millions of Americans would come to his defense. I probably shouldn’t mention the wage disparity between what Brian Williams makes and what the actual investigative reporter makes on NBC.

The news is entertainment.

It is nothing more.

Are you entertained enough to justify Wolf Blitzer’s salary?

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