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With the recent revelations of the new probe by the FBI into the Clinton Campaigns Email security issues. I am slightly amused by the panic filled hysteria that has set in, not only here in the US but notably in the UK. After Trump unexpectedly one the Republican nomination the UK press went on a frenzy of campaigning against him, This included starting an on line petition to have him barred from the UK, as well as condemnation from the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Daily Telegraph and the Daily mail, two popular British newspapers ran several anti-Trump articles a day. The BBC joined in the feeding frenzy, their US arm BBC America continually interviewing Clinton aides and Democratic pundits.  Zero coverage was given to any Trump policy speeches and the line was always. Trump is a dangerous womanizing Racist and has no right to seek the presidency. Guests on the show were always left wing progressives ,praising Clinton

I searched in vain for any admission that Trump had won the nomination by gaining more votes than any other Republican in history. My ten years of campaigning with UKIP in the UK had taught me that the BBC are extremely left wing and never report anything that may contradict with their radical progressive ideas. They rallied against Brexit and launched multiple attacks on Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Egged on by both Cameron and US President Obama.

Of course that lost the argument, mainly because they steadfastly refused to accept the democratic principle that the people decide elections and referendums. Not the press and pundits.

Brexit cost Cameron his job, and his replacement has reaffirmed that the vote is irreversible. Not to be outdone the BBC switched their support to the rebel MPs who are trying to overturn the vote and ignore the decision. Of course they will fail.

Not to be outdone they intensified their attacks on Trump and continued to promote Clinton as a safe experienced politician. Of Course they ignored all the WikiLeaks data. Though one former UK Diplomat did interview Julian Assuage in the Ecuadorian embassy, His report that he was completely satisfied that Russia had no involvement in the hacking was ignored and kept out of all press reports.

Now with the new probe, The British media is trying desperately to save face. Yesterday they started mentioning the email scandal and trying to pretend this was a totally new development. We heard the same from the Democrat campaign. It reminds me of the mad scramble of passengers trying to reach a lifeboat as the Titanic sank.

There is actually a parallel between The Brexit, and the Trump- campaigns.  Both were a grassroots movement against a government and press machine. The establishment against the people. In both instances no one gave the people a chance of winning.  In the UK the bank of England, the FTSE 100 and most stockbrokers and business leaders warned of utter catastrophe if Britain voted no. Project fear as it was known was meant to ensure Britain remained in the EU.   The polls gave the remain camp a massive lead on the eve of polling. The polls were wrong, Brexit won by 5 per cent.  Of course the predictions of project fear evaporated. The British economy boomed and no one wished to leave.

In the US, a similar project fear dogs the Trump campaign. World war three, war with Mexico and civil war on the streets. But again no one is taking them seriously either. The deep and intransigent corruption of the Clinton campaign that has final moved the FBI, has of course helped. The constant release of confidential E mails by WikiLeaks that Clinton tried so hard to destroy should finally seal her fate . The power of the people will see to that.

The bias of the press, the double standards of the media and the corrupt politician is unfortunately a fact of life in 2016.

On November 8th the American people have a final chance to avoid the destruction of this nation. I for one stand with her, and alongside Donald Trump and his team. Democrats outnumber Republicans and we need every vote to ensure the most corrupt political in US History every gets anywhere near the white house.


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