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The recent rise in gasoline prices has Congress in its usual state of panic trying to placate, obfuscate, mandate and obviate.  Much like a new parent that hurries to respond to every whimper of the newborn, Congress hasn’t acquired the sense that they are dealing with adults who don’t need their fussing and puttering.  There comes a time in parenting where the child becomes an adult and must take on responsibility for himself unless the apron strings aren’t cut and dependency continues. This is the dilemma Congress has got itself into by taking over most of the economy and trying to fix every spurt of change that gets any news coverage.

The oil suppliers could supply oil without Congress.  Congress hasn’t drilled a drop of oil in its entire existence but it has taken the attitude that “Congress knows best” and told it’s “children” , “ No you mustn’t do this  and you mustn’t do that or someone will be upset and so you just do your job and get the oil out like Congress tells you to”.  You will notice Congress doesn’t think it needs a “parent” or any “no-no’s” but everyone else does.  It is time for the “children” to tell the Congress that you need to take care of your responsibilities and we’ll take care of ours.  And this means you don’t ned to be nosing around in things that don’t concern you  And this means that production and trade are off limits.

The answer to the high price of oil is the same answer there is to any shortage of supply.  More and better suppliers.  This means less restriction and regulation, less barriers to competition, less taxation and a recognition that profit from supplying oil is not something we should be concerned with. If all suppliers were losing money now this would be a concern because it wouldn’t be long before they would be out of business and we would be out of gas.

Congress has taken this parenting attitude to the point where the dependent children look to their “parents” for everything that goes wrong or anything that they want to be better.  If a real child took this attitude we would say the parent hasn’t done their job to make the child live on his own.  When the same action is taking place on a national level with adults playing the role of spoiled dependent children it isn’t recognized for what it is. The only twist to this dependency is the fact that many of the dependent “children” are paying to let the parent Congress redistribute their earnings to the least productive.  This must be blamed on those willing to support this nonsense from academics to newspaper editors to talk show hosts to politicians that sway with the breeze of opinion so their pompous lifestyle isn’t jeopardized. This is what we are perpetuating so we can observe high costs of living brought about by regulations that tell the oil suppliers to not do this and not do that and don’t drill here and don’t make too much money ( which would bring in more competition).

The fiddling of Congress has shackled our producers to such an extent that now China has realized our restrictions don’t effect them and they can drill where we can’t and we’ll end up buying oil we could have been selling and using…from China.  In a global economy putting a strait jacket on our producers is a sure way to be non-competitive and at the same time giving foreign countries a trade advantage. This from a Congress that banters about fair trade.  If a parent said to their child ,” you can work and earn but you must abide by my rules and give me a portion of your earnings and I will do all I can to restrict your efficiency and keep hands off of other’s efforts to do the job better.” The parent would be accused of abuse.  Congress hands out such abuse daily and has the poll numbers to prove it isn’t appreciated.

Children who are abused either rebel or comply in hopes that their parents will change their ways.  Voting out the bums is no longer just applicable to a few rotten apples.  The target is to send a message  to simply clean house of incumbents.  If Congress sees that there are no more long term careers for manipulators and tinkering, they will also see that the day of political meddling is no longer in vogue.  They will see that government is honorable and good only when it is limited.  And that limitation requires that government  cannot expand into production and trade.  For they produce nothing and they have nothing to trade.  They can only restrict ,regulate and monopolize which is not their proper function.  They are not our overseeing parents and they do not know what is best for us.  They are what they piously  but falsely purport to be, public servants.  They work for us to provide us with protection from physical harm and that’s it.  They do not need to tell us how to run a business as they can’t even balance a budget.  They don’t need to tell us where oil can or cannot be found and pumped as they only create crises and wild price fluctuations by disrupting market supply and demand. They, like parents, after the job of parenting is completed need to let go.  Let the business children produce and compete and they need to get out of the way.  Old advice from failures will not create progress and we’ve seen enough of their unworkable policies to know there is nothing new they have to offer.  They need to retire to the porch and the swing and pass on to a new generation a revitalization of freedom and prosperity based on giving instead of taking over responsibility.  It is the recognition and acknowledgment that it’s time for growing up and letting go.


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