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Just a quick note on the October Surprise Bomber(s).

I count eight alleged targets: Brennan, Wasserman-Schultz, Soros, Holder, Waters (2), the Obamas, H. Clinton, and CNN. (Possibly Biden, but we’ll leave him out.)

If the probability of one of the bombs succeeding was only 50/50, the probability of none of them going off is less than 1 chance in 5,000. It’s a miracle! (At an 80% chance of a bomb succeeding, the probability of none of them going off drops to 1 in 400,000. Miracles abound!)

Here are screenshots of two intercepted bombs.

Q keeps saying these people are not only evil but stupid. The bombs came in the mail but none of the stamps are canceled?!! (Probably because it’s illegal to send explosives through the mail – just in case they were exposed.)

They must have got this plot from “False Flags For Dummies”.

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