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Democrats have played out their hand but refuse to fold.  Over two years of the Mueller witch hunt exhausting every avenue to find a means of convicting President Trump of a crime so he could be impeached has finally burned out.  And it has exhausted the general public.  Mueller knew he had a busted hand when he picked up his cards and took this case of Russian collusion.  He knew there was no Russian interference in the election beyond running some propaganda ads.  His two years have been an effort to find someone in the Trump camp whose arm he could twist so hard that they would flip on Trump and spill their guts on whatever crime they could make up.

The sum total of that endeavor was to persecute and destroy a score of good men.  The only one to flip was Trump’s former lawyer, Cohen, who proved to be utterly worthless.  As Mueller’s nuclear bomb fizzled, rabid Democrats Nadler and Schiff set out on their own to repeat the investigation through Congress.  Their intention is to tie down Barr and run out the clock on Trump hoping he will be unseated in 2020.

But Trump is having none of it.  Holding AG Barr in Contempt of Congress for refusing to break the law has set a fire.  Barr has set out to clean out the corruption of Democrat spying on Republicans and bring those responsible for this coup attempt to overthrow the Constitution to justice.  Despicable Democrat fanatics laughably demand Trump suspend any investigation of them until they conclude their investigation of him – which they never will as they seek to redo the last two years.

President Trump played his next trump card and threw down legal eagle and FBI corruption buster, John Durham, as the lead prosecutor to investigate and completely expose Democrat treachery.  The man who exposed the corruption of Democrat’s “sinless” investigator, Robert “above reproach” Mueller, is going to the be the man to take down the Democrat plot to overthrow Trump by reversing the 2016 election.

John Durham investigates Democrat’s Russia scam

Republican voters rightly remain skeptical after being deluged for over two years with leftist BS that anything will come of this.  The truth is we can’t expect that any of the primary Democrat criminals like Obama, Hillary, Schiff, or Nadler will ever be brought to justice.  As far as I’m concerned, all Democrats and half of Republicans should swing from gallows.  Washington politicians are a pustule on the face of humanity.  The likes of Nadler and Schiff are truly representative of the scum of the earth being part of organized crime obtaining positions in government to work their lawless evil to bring down those who are good.  These four traitors to this nation who sought to lay her low deserve no less than life in the electric chair along with their equally duplicitous spouses.

Michelle Obama may well jump into the race for 2020 as the entire field of rabid leftist Democrats are turning America’s stomach because apparently promising to give them everything for free isn’t enough.  New front runner, Joe Biden, is not proving to be any kind of worthwhile candidate who can dupe people as Obama did pretending to be a moderate.  He repeatedly makes a fool of himself with his senseless ramblings in his attempts to dodge questions.  But don’t put it past witless liberals to try to make sense of his senselessness.  Could the nation fall under the spell of another Obama promising them the sun, the moon, and the stars while delivering them to the sewer?

Looking back in history it is extremely disappointing to see men like former astronaut and Marine boy scout, John Glenn, who, unlike Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, never realized the depravity of the Democrat Party to switch.  But then, looking at the simpletons that compromise most of the party as dupes to the corrupt elites it may not be too surprising if he was truly naïve.  In light of the degree of corruption of politicians and the effect of the propaganda, it is understandable why 50% of the population becomes discouraged and apathetic.

Having learned to recognize propaganda in college journalism and being intelligent enough not to be swayed by the typical empty politician’s rhetoric of flowery language, dissembling, and duplicity, I’ve learned to see through the bullsh*t of pathological liars to distinguish between Democrat deceivers and their dupes, and honest Republicans and RINO leftist infiltrators.  Only a few like Jeff Sessions can slip through the cracks.  But then, without knowing the inner workings of what went on, Sessions may have been working toward the common goal of Christian conservative Republicanism in ways of which we are unaware.  His recusal and refusal to recant, however, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of his supporters.

Rosenstein, who was often crucified by Republicans for not being behind Trump after appointing Mueller, may also have been misjudged.  Perhaps it was Trump’s intention of this dog and pony show being put on, but who knows of the inner workings of any administration?  Rosenstein is now out excoriating Comey who has been lambasting him.  The man who admitted to hiding behind curtains in an effort to avoid meeting President Trump has been calling Rosenstein spineless because he didn’t block Trump’s efforts to investigate Democrats.  Or it may just be the rats turning on each other.  Comey and Brennan are trying to blame the other for introducing the bogus Steele Dossier to the FISA court.

All that and taking years to bring a reckoning to Democrats in a minor way, however, is not satisfactory to the people who have been betrayed by leftist machinations.  Republicans have become fatigued by the years of Washington warfare and want to see real results.  Donald Trump has delivered on his promises in making America greater, but still battles open borders, Democrat crime, and their welfare voter slave fraud.  Despite the left’s fake news stories like claiming Barr is good buddies with Mueller, the people’s eyes are being opened.

Democrats have openly become the party of leftist ideology embracing anti-Americanism in their efforts to become America’s sole rulers.  That so many embrace the lies and corruption of socialist ideologies in their profound ignorance of leftism and the slavery of their socialism is perhaps the most disappointing thing of all.  Socialism belongs on the trash heap of history, but so long as leftists seek to dupe the ignorant with promises of Utopia there will always be the danger of America falling into darkness.

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Would Trump’s DoJ avoid tagging Obama for fear of Democrat’s becoming extremely violent or rising up to vote against him?  I say put deep surveillance on Obama and investigate to the fullest to uncover his treacheries.  His links to the Muslim Brotherhood alone should be enough to convict him of treason.  Biden is saying that the Trump presidency should go down in history as an “aberration.”  The only unusual element of his presidency is that he wasn’t a political animal prone to corruption.  The true aberration was the Obama presidency when Democrats stupidly elected a Moslem communist dictator wannabe to be leader of the free world.  If any president in all of history deserved to be in prison it is this false prophet.

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