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Two weeks ago I posted an article about how an analogy came to me that the popular vote whiners trying to legitimize Trump make me think of a baseball fan who thinks his team should be declared the winner because they had more hits, though not as many runs, as the opposing team.

I was hoping this would all die down by now, because I’d prefer more pleasant thoughts running through my mind at idle moments, more recreational, perhaps, than political animosity.  But they won’t let it go.

So, in further seeking exorcism of this train of thought because I’m sick of it, one more insight to get out… Last night I was thinking about all this delegitimization effort on the part of the left, and at first blush I started to think, “the right never did anything like this to Obama.” That thought lasted about a nanosecond, when I instantly realized that the right, or at least a smidgen of them, did indeed do the exact same thing.

That smidgen was called “Birthers.”

Which then led me to the realization that it’s just one more plank in the hypocrisy based left platform that they’re probably just too blindly dogmatic to see.  Can their memories think back to what they thought (and said, and wrote) about the Birthers during Obama’s tenure?  Not very pleasant, not held in very high esteem, and basically denigrated as ignorant fools.  I now have to ask, since the popular vote delegitimization is basically the same thing, do any of them have a mirror?

Brings to mind lots of sayings, like “casting stones” and “living in glass houses” and “takes one to know one.”

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