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As a retiree living in Florida, I observe, with discomfort, the shaded coverage of the media covering the the election.  I really try to keep an open mind, but every time get jolted back to the reality of grossly uneven election coverage.

With a few notable exceptions, the non-challenging of the dramatic negatives of Hillary’s past actions, socialistic, government control tendencies,  suspicious deaths, Benghazi, e-mails, Clinton Foundation, health questions and avoiding a full, non-scripted news conference has me wondering what happened to the fair, inquiring mainstream media.

It is not just the non-existent challenging and questioning, it is the blatant fawning over her with glowing, descriptive words as it is supposed to be her “time”.  On the other side, Trump is challenged on everything from using a fork to eat KFC to being falsely accused of kicking a mother and baby out of a rally to using negative descriptive words.  Yes, he shoots from the lip, is a bit brash and a non-politician, but that is why he would be a fresh voice in the jungle of extreme partisan politics.

The intransigence, polarization and inflexibility in Washington seems to permeated the media, who have forgotten the proper way of doing their jobs.  The art of compromise, that wonderful, civil exchange of ideas and give and take has disappeared…encouraged and promoted by the administration as a purposeful distraction from economic, security, immigration, religious and energy issues.

Virtually every time I’ve written and posted a comment on Facebook and many other sites, the vitriolic attack are palpable in their rancor.  And, most every comment from Hillary supporters is not a glowing plus for her, but a nasty negative against Trump.

We can’t have more of the same; we must have positive, country reviving change.  Yes, we have two flawed candidates, with a third gaining strength, but they are the candidates, our choices from which to pick.

It sure would be great if media did their job in a true fair and balanced manner, beholding to none, to give the American populace a full, complete, and, yes, fair and balanced inquiries, questions and coverage of this important election.


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