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Too often have I heard that Obama or Hillary, for that matter, do not want to take our guns from us. These old fingers would type down to knuckle-nubs, resubmitting all of the evidence to the contrary, but I am especially offended by their prolonged and multiple attempts to give the power of our personal defense to the United Nations. First of all, what the hell are they united about, except the dissolution of Israel, and secondly…what the hell!? Sovereignty be damned! Really? Clinton first proposed the United Nations Small Arms “treaty”, then Kerry, then Clinton…but these hypocrites don’t want to abolish the Second Amendment…Noooo. They would simply like it to read that Americans barely have the right to a gun…That only the government shall organize a militia…like the one Barack slipped into the Stealth Care Plan…the president shall have a private militia over which he will have the sole power to select key ranking officials…A tyrannical government always wants your guns and only a tyrannical government, with bad intentions wants your guns.

Is there a government agency that doesn’t have its own heavily armed enforcement division? They may, from time to time, be forced to protect the environment from armed and dangerous citizens, who decide to have a family picnic on government property…not on Barrack’s watch, so sleep well my friends.

Well the Lyin’ King who insists that a wall is an ineffective obstacle to illegal entry has already begun construction on his wall…around the White House…obviously not to keep intruders out, but as a mere curiosity for tourists…cause everyone knows, walls don’t work. Barrack isn’t paranoid, he just hates it when anyone disagrees with him, so this is his way of blocking disagreeable people from view.

If you are a liberal sycophant trapped in a gun free zone with a nondescript killer about to riddle your liberal ass with real bullets, here’s what you do. Dial 911 so the proper authorities can show up in time to identify your body and determine the true motive of the perpetrator; that’s important. Some of these lunatics yell Allah Akbar when they don’t even know what it means.

If you are a right wing conservative you dial 9-gun-gun to eliminate the threat yourself. Later, the proper authorities can determine if you have a carry permit and make sure the news doesn’t get out that you defended yourself and saved some lives. When you get home you enjoy a good home cooked meal and the comfort of your loved ones, then wait until the next morning when Congress takes up the question of how to keep Americans safe; an eternal, very complex problem, complicated by an American obsession with guns.

We need to determine once and for all what the statute of limitations should be for illegal entry into our sovereign nation. If a criminal gets a job, raises a family and doesn’t commit, or at least get caught, committing another crime, does that  exonerate him or her of the original crime? Of course it does. So if I rob a bank, how long do I have to lay low before I can spend the loot? Of course I fully understand that I can’t commit another crime while I’m waiting for the first to blow over…at least not as a serial offender…six months? two years? Let me know asap, as I have legally purchased a mask and a banned firearm, anxious to get the clock rolling. Cancel that…Barrack just called. His illegals are legal by edict and he will not tolerate name calling…like Muslim Terrorist or Islamic anything…

Here’s another lie that’s true…Lone wolf terrorists are radicalized by their own insecurities…No number of lone wolves constitutes a pack. Lone wolves are drawn to Islam but are not influenced by Islamic organizations…I knew that…And the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole…which doesn’t exist either.

Barrack was forced to do what all great men are wont to do…he had to blow his own horn and assure the American people that all is well in Mendo city. From the economy to job production, from the war on terror to the war against ISIL, his magnificent leadership, even though he was forced to disagree (fire) with  top brass most of the time, has produced astonishing results. We are knocking ’em dead on all fronts and all is well with the Republic. Not even George Bush’s dismal record could prevent the genius of Barrack Obama from fixing (transforming)  this nation and everything that was wrong with it, in less than eight glorious years.

Too bad his own appointee, John Brennan, head of the CIA, and a Muslim not to boot, came clean with Congress and the American people and gave us Paul Harvey’s version of the facts on the ground…”the rest of the story”. Our enemies survive, thrive and grow more fearsome; and yes they have arrived on our shores. Almost as though coordinated to stress the impact, 50, no less than fifty, count ’em, (there’s safety in numbers), Obama appointed diplomats, on the ground in the Middle East, broke with tradition to report in writing, that the house of cards and the pap we have been fed does not correspond to reality. Barrack, lied, people died. We are going nowhere fast on Obama’s nightmare train.

The economy? If you listen you will hear. The economy is not in recovery. So Barrack gave himself all A’s, except for a few A+’s and his spokespersons gave him F’s. Is that for Fissure or what!?! Without skipping a beat the media was overrun by the Lyin’ King’s Lyin’ cubs, who told us unequivocally, how to listen properly. Not John Brennan, not one of the 50 turncoats, disagreed with Barack..they simply explained things differently and were talking about a slightly different aspect of the big picture. The Big Picture is what its all about. We can rest assured…all’s well on the Western Front…the Eastern Front, the Outback and the rear end and the pie in the sky now comes in 51 flavors and counting…ala mode of course.

Who can we turn to? Not to worry, Hillary has our back. Just elect her so she can pardon herself for crimes against the state, high treason and espionage. Barrack will be off the hook like Charlie the Tuna was on and the all-clear will sound wide and far across this great land…Be sure not to confuse that sound with the most beautiful sound on earth; the Muslim call to evening prayers…followed by a ceremonial beheading…you may be the guest of honor.

Sorry, war is hell. Know the enemy, call him out and kill or be killed…that’s not a motto…that’s reality.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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