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The Lunatic Fringe:

Lunatic (noun) having a severely disordered mental state, insane, wildly foolish (loony, imbecile, loon), not grounded in reality.
Fringe (adjective) extreme, marginal, social/political outliers, detached from the normal or mainstream body of thought or behavior.
Lunatic Fringe Those whose behavior is well beyond the norms for civility and whose beliefs are well outside the mainstream and not grounded in reality. Example: Rep. Maxine Waters

The daily evidence presented by purveyors of “news” leads to only one conclusion — the Left lacks both the civility and the maturity to accept the reality of the 2016 elections that resoundingly rejected the Left’s grip on political power. They have collectively gone mad and thus define today’s “Lunatic Fringe.”

Who populates this “Lunatic Fringe”?

Those who, under the guise of delivering “news” are actually promoting the “views” of MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Examiner, The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune… the list is far too long, a clear indication of how out-of-touch with the people and mainstream thought these propaganda organs have become.

Yes, that’s right. Those formerly respected institutions of journalism are now little more than propagandists for the increasingly hard Left Democratic Party and their obsession with acquiring and holding the reigns of political power.

Honest “journalism” (unbiased reporting of the facts) has been fatally infected by “advocacy journalism”, a fancy name for propaganda. Rather than an unbiased presentation of the facts, advocacy journalists spin snippets of truth into a yarn that weaves supposition, assumption, and speculation into the fabric of a story that has little merit. It is merely a fabrication based on the reporter’s own bias. Not only is such material not constructive, it is destructive and misleading.

In the distant past, the news was reported objectively. Just the facts. Opinionating was left to the editorial page. Not today. It is as if news programs and newspapers have become little more than editorials.

To make matters worse, much of today’s opinionating is pure propaganda bearing little relationship to the facts or respect for the truth.

Content is based on narratives that are shared with other propaganda outlets.

How are false narratives created by the deep state?

From a joint Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of the Directory of National Intelligence (ODNI) statement on October 7, 2016, a month prior to the 2016 election:

“The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks and by the Guccifer 2.0 online persona are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process. Such activity is not new to Moscow—the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there. We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.” (source)

Note the rampant speculation laced throughout that statement (“is confident” but doesn’t really “know”; “alleged hacked e-mails” but possibly released by other means; “consistent with” is hardly proof and, since the elements of “consistent with” are known to international hackers, anyonecould leave the “footprints” that are “consistent with”; pure speculation in “are intended to interfere”; hardly convincing with “Russians have used similar tactics”; and, “Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized yes, and I “could have authorized” the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but I didn’t, etc.).

In short, the DHS/ODNI statement is weak, undocumented, and strongly suggests it was planted for its potential utility and effect rather than its disclosure.

This storyline had multiple purposes. It was specifically released prior to the 2016 election in the event it was necessary to:

  • Provide the basis for a narrative to blame Russian “meddling” for the unthinkable, Hillary Clinton’s loss of her “certain” election.
  • Provide the basis for a narrative linking President-elect Trump to the reported Russian involvement, as an “insurance policy” (as agent Strzok termed it). Note that in the months leading up to the 2016 election the DNC and Hillary Clinton were coordinating the creation of fake “evidence” of Trump-Russian “collusion” that was illegally paid for by the Clinton campaign through a third party and surreptitiously delivered to the FBI and intelligence agencies. This was the key “evidence” used by colluders (Sally Yates, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, et al) to illegally obtain FISA warrants to illegally “unmask” recorded conversations of Trump campaign workers so that a rogue federal agent (e.g., Susan Rice), could illegally pour through conversations from which they could illegally extract snippets of information that could selectively be leaked to narrative-spinners in the “fake news” media.
  • Provide the basis for illegally creating and appointing a reliable friend of the colluders to be “Special Counsel” for the sole purpose of tainting Trump and providing “evidence” (based on the “fake evidence” used for FISA warrants) for impeachment should the unthinkable (Trump election) occur.

Then, after the “unthinkable” election of Donald J. Trump:

  • A host of “news” narratives are created from the wealth of illegally-obtained material. Each narrative takes a snippet of information and casts it in the most negative context, creating a false illusion that is repeated ad nauseam. A few examples:
    • Trump “colluded” with Putin to win the 2016 election.
    • Trump is lying about his campaign’s collusion.
    • Trump obstructed justice by firing James Comey.
  • Everything President Trump does or says is scrutinized far beyond reason and, given President Trump’s blunt speaking style, a host of statements can be spun in any direction propagandists desire.

While this collusion among “deep state” colluders continues to percolate, new fake “outrages” are manufactured by seditious politicians hoping to agitate their partisans to new heights of incivility and contempt for their political opponents.

Note to Whoopi Goldberg: The “Deep State” colluders are all those who refuse to address the known criminal actions of the Obama administration, its FBI and DoJ, and the illegal “justification” to create the Mueller inquisition, including the remaining anti-Trump insiders and feckless/inept Trump appointees, e.g., Wray and Sessions.

Meanwhile, dishonest partisan politicians like Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi continue to incite people to incivility and civil disobedience.

Mobs incited to violence and civil disobedience are labeled “protesters” or “demonstrators” by the narrative spinners when, in fact, they are merely law-breaking hooligans.

Nobody has a “First Amendment free speech right” to verbally or physically abuse anyone else, no matter how much they disagree with others’ political views!

We hear the “usual suspects” in politics, academia, and news, still licking their abscessed wounds acquired the night of the 2016 election when reality momentarily smacked them out of their stupor. These emotionally-crippled partisans are unable to accept the reality that the nation rejected their deeply-flawed candidate and her criminal behavior. Their defensive reaction is to perpetually misrepresent their political opponents to feed the self-delusion that drives their vitriol (this is also known as Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS). Their behavior is the very definition of “lunatic fringe”.

TDS is not limited to extremist Democrats. Formerly sane Republicans have been severely infected. Specifically, George Will and William Kristol, who are mere shells of their former stature, brought down by their irrational hatred and reduced to irrelevant mutterings and pseudo-intellectual gibberish that serve only as continuing examples of their TDS.

Recent examples of how those suffering from TDS are no longer capable of perceiving reality were provided by the “usual suspects” during and after President Trump’s recent very successful meeting with NATO members. At that meeting, President Trump obtained assurances that NATO nations falling short of their financial commitment will begin to contribute their “fair share” toward NATO’s expenses.

What did the narrative-spinners report? Not Trump’s success. No, evidently, Trump’s successes are never an option. Rather, they fixate on whether Trump offended the delicate sensitivities of Germany by publicly questioning why Germany is moving toward dependency on Russian natural gas when NATO primarily exists to defend Europe against a Russian invasion! Does Germany’s contradictory action make sense to anybody? If Germany perceives Russia as a threat, why does it give Russia control of its energy? If Russia is not a threat, why does NATO exist?

Instead of praising Trump for his actions, the Lunatic Fringe ranted on about perceptions and possible hurt feelings. Have they no perspective at all?

President Trump then moved on to the summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin at Helsinki, Finland. Normal people would view a meeting between the leaders of the two nations who have 90% of the nuclear weaponry on the planet as a good thing. But when Trump and Putin had their two-hour private session, the “usual suspects” of the Lunatic Fringe become unglued, chanting in unison, “Trump committed treasons!” Despite their knowing absolutely nothing, their narrative assumes there must have been “collusion” between Trump and Putin because Trump didn’t publicly insult Putin during their joint press conference. They even had the audacity to suggest Trump is Putin’s “poodle”!

How utterly absurd. In less than two years of his first term, President Trump has done more to stand firm against Putin than Obama did in two full terms, the second of which, as you may recall, gave Obama “more flexibility.” And nobody in the Trump administration sold key U.S. uranium rights to Russia in exchange for massive financial contributions to a personal “charity.” Trump increased sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian invasion and Russian incursions in the Crimea. Trump has expelled many dozens of Russian agents from the U.S. Trump is encouraging Germany to obtain its energy needs from the U.S. rather than use Russian natural gas. Obama did nothing comparable. Yet Trump is Putin’s “poodle”! Yeah, right.

These same narrative-spinners who slobbered all over themselves in adoration of former President Obama who did nothing that would even offend Putin, quickly proclaim Trump’s actions “treasonous” for opening and maintaining a dialogue with Russia so that together we might work for peaceful solutions in areas of common concern. But Trump wasn’t President when the U.S. government sold critical uranium assets to Russia. Obama was. And Hillary Clinton, in exchange for massive Clinton Foundation donations, was all too happy to grease the skids for that sale. But neither Obama nor Clinton committed “treason” for their actions; no, Trump committed “treason” for failing to try to publicly humiliate Vladimir Putin. Really?

It should be obvious by now why the “resistance” is actually the “lunatic fringe.”

Had Obama to taken the firm actions Trump has, these same narrative-spinners would have praised Obama for his forward-thinking grasp of international politics and his bold moves. But because the narrative-spinners are blinded by their far-Left partisanship, they are reduced to lying for a living.

The process of narrative-spinning goes on day after day, week after week, on and on, promising to continue unfettered throughout the Trump presidency.

Meanwhile, an illicit “investigation” in search of a crime that was orchestrated by law-breakers within the FBI and Department of Justice, continues to abuse its authority without any intervention by those who have been entrusted to act honorably and in defense of our Constitutional Republic.

We have the absurdity of Attorney General Sessions unnecessarily and at the insistence of Rod Rosenstein recusing himself from anything relating to claims of “Russian collusion” while Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who had ample reason to recuse himself for approving unverified FISA warrants relating to Trump campaign unmaskings, not only fails to recuse himself, but blatantly calls for a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign despite there not being a shred of actual evidence to support any such investigation! Note that neither “wishful-thinking” nor “speculation” are evidence.

AG Sessions and DAG Rosenstein have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they are incapable of swiftly holding guilty parties accountable so we can begin to repair the damage caused by the most massive and egregious conspiracy by high-level federal officials to undermine a presidential election in this nation’s history. Massive violations of federal law designed to assure the election of Hillary Clinton by a large group of “deep state” co-conspirators, including Rod Rosenstein, must not go unpunished.

It is very clear from their feckless inaction and outright hostility toward Congress that AG Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein are ill-equipped to the task and unfit to serve the people. They should resign or be terminated without delay!

If the obvious seditious activities of the far-Left Lunatic Fringe continue unabated, the American people will reach a point of having had enough of this nonsense and will rise up and demand that criminals be held accountable for their actions. The list of criminal co-conspirators includes those who did not honor their sworn oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” a group that includes former President Obama, Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions, Comey, McCabe, Yates, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, et al, must be brought to justice and severely punished to the fullest extent of the law as an example to others that they cannot get away with criminal behavior, subversive action, dishonorable conduct, feckless indifference, and gross dishonesty.

President Trump had better take this problem seriously because it is not his problem to set aside, it is a national problem that, if not addressed swiftly and decisively, threatens our nation’s survival as a Constitutional Republic. Nothing can match the importance of exposing the full extent of the actions of the lunatic fringe and their attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

The lunatic fringe makes far more noise than their numbers justify. They and their allies in the criminal deep state element embedded in government must learn that there is a day of reckoning, and it must come surely and swiftly.

Should violence ensue as a consequence of dishonest politician-agitators, weak-kneed law enforcement agents who sit idly by failing to enforce the law, and narrative-spinning media hoping for a big story, then don’t put the blame on guns. Blame the lunatic fringe in politics, news media, and academia.

Violence is the inevitable consequence of incessant provocations by lunatic fringe politicians, narrative-spinners, and academic propagandists who promote incivility on the basis of lies and false narratives.

Politicians have a responsibility to calm their constituents, not incite them to incivility and violence. News media have an obligation to report objective truth, not to deceive with false narratives. Academia has an obligation to teach, not indoctrinate with propaganda.

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