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“[It] is torture, it is a slaughter, it is brutal — it is revenge. The world doesn’t know what is happening in South Africa.” ~ Gabriel Stols speaking after the murder of his brother Kyle.
South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa and the black communist African Congress, along with Julius Malema, are ensuring another war against the Boer and white Afrikaners, a civil war, in their country, especially now that they are actually using the government to confiscate the property of white Afrikaners without just compensation and against their express wishes, as seen in two cases in Limpopo and 30 more in KwaZulu-Natal. These men’s actions and words, like “boil the frogs slowly” and “Kill the Boer”, encouraging and supporting the continued increase in violence against whites and the murders of whites, reveal that rather than a tolerant “rainbow nation”, they have become the intolerant revenge nation.
The ANC has consistently reneged on its April 1994 agreement to allow the Boer-Afrikaner volk to form an autonomous region within South Africa, something that the Marxists view as beyond the pale, even though Ramaphosa acknowledge in 2014 that they could achieve this under Section 235 of South Africa’s constitution. Although they cater to many demands of multiculturalist minority concerns, such good will never extend to the Afrikaners, as they deny history, a breach of faith in the matter of self-determination for the Volksraad, white Afrikaners.
Since its inception and by Nelson Mandela’s direction and orders, the ANC has fought an unjust war and ignored the voices of many early blacks who opposed ANC rule. The ANC engaged in a people’s war of terror to motivate the South African population to join the “liberation struggle” and embrace the notion that their nation could only be liberated on the rotting corpses of the white Afrikaners.
In a population of fifty million blacks and five million whites, on average, fifty people a day are murdered and twenty of those are murders of white Afrikaners, according to the international liberal website Genocide Watch, which most likely indicates the number is even higher. Ninety-five percent of white casualties in South Africa are victims of the ANC’s war against them. No person can honestly deny that the statements of Ramaphosa and Malema and others are responsible for the increase in violence against the white Afrikaners and the heinous murders of thousands of their brethren.
In February of 2017, Julius Malema, head of the Economic Freedom Fighters [an ANC splinter group] urged black South Africa, “People of South Africa — Where you see a beautiful land, take it; it belongs to you.” He also described land seizures as “teaching whites a lesson”.
Last year, Hannetjie Ludik told her tale of horror that unfolded on her farm near Pretoria. Four days before Christmas, three armed black men robbed them of 2500 rand and all their food,  and then these monsters proceeded to rape her, after subduing her husband. She stated she did not fight back, due to their threats to kill her children and grandchildren, who were also on the property.
“In ways that beggar belief”, noted by Illiana Mercer, there is an astounding silence, from former U.S. presidents, such as Obama, and the press of the Free World, regarding the systematic ethnic cleansing and extermination of South African farmers, even though there are thousands of examples. Kaalie Botha’s 71-year-old father was hacked to death after having his Achilles tendons severed, and Kaalies mother had her skull bashed in by a brick. This is a day in the life of an average white Afrikaner farmer.
The most dangerous career in the world these days is that of a white South African farmer. With the murder rate ranging at 150 whites out of every 50,000 per year, this makes their living four times as dangerous as living in El Salvador, one of the world’s most murderous countries and three times as dangerous as living in Caracas, the world’s most murderous major city. Their murders are torturous, drawn out and horrific and in the middle of the night in the savanna, no one hears the screams, no one rushes to one’s side to stave off these brutal murders.
The mass murders of white Afrikaners must be a primary focus of the United States, the Free World, and the media. The Boers did not deserve to be placed in concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War, and they certainly do not deserve to be butchered on their farms today. Sadly, however, in moving from the days of Lord Alfred Milner to those of Ramaphosa and Malema, Boers are no longer herded off their farms, but, instead, they are butchered on them.
One must remember that ever since 1652, the Boers have a strong claim to the wilderness that the Trekboers and Voortrekkers entered long before Shaka Zulu and his tribe ventured south from the Congo Basin region. White Afrikaners have as much right to South Africa as the blacks, whose Zulu ancestors invaded the territory and crushed other black tribes, by killing nearly two million.
In the meantime, rather than favor refugees from Africa and the Middle East, white Afrikaners should be given fast-track visas to the United States on humanitarian grounds, because they need the help of a civilized nation, and their plight doesn’t seem to bother anyone else too much. The Left of the world and black South Africa have taken the attitude that white Afrikaners have received their comeuppance — that they deserve to die.
South Africa will not survive as a nation, by sliding deeper into authoritarian rule, debasing South African freedom, history, culture and land title, and property rights, and exterminating white commercial farmers who number less than the number of refugees we accept annually. Mugabe style criminal land grabs and discriminating against the white minority is the antithesis of democratic mechanisms and ensures that South Africa meets Zimbabwe’s same fate of economic ruin and starvation. And if its leaders really want the best for the black population, they will grant white Afrikaners the dignity, equality and fair treatment they deserve, under the law, and autonomy and the ability to survive, without resorting to force of arms.

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