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Published with permission from Gary Gindler

The weasels of leftism are close to exhausting their weaponization abilities.  The recent political weaponization of the banking industry (i.e., using financial records against the opposing politician — President Trump) falls in line with all the previous weaponization attempts.  However, pretty soon, they will run out of things to weaponize.

There are numerous examples of the political weaponization of all facets of human life, including private life.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the vagina became the weapon of choice for many left-wing feminists.  It was used initially for the genocide of blacks because one of the Left’s icons, Margaret Sanger, was a follower of the racist pseudo-science of eugenics (just like her follower and ideological colleague in Europe, Adolf Hitler).  The vagina-missiles continue to be used in the 21st century.  (Recall the Judge Kavanaugh drama and the anti-Trump “golden shower” hoax.)

Later on, other private parts were weaponized, and the political movement of LGBT was born.  It largely succeeded in bringing down the Boy Scouts and normalizing something that was considered abnormal through the entirety of written human history.  Such abnormalities, if they were confined into private bedrooms, were widely tolerated for millennia, but the political weaponization injected these abnormalities into the public domain, including LGBT brainwashing in public schools.

Leftism spread in a human society like a contagious virus and carried with it a total weaponization of everything.  Leftism, being a totalitarian ideology, could not settle for anything less than total weaponization.

The modern political weaponization of everything is very similar to the old communist idea of the militarization of everything.  For example, concentration camps — leftists prefer to call them “re-education camps” — were introduced by communist Leon Trotsky in order to create “labour armies” to demonstrate that socialism is better than capitalism.  The idea was to crush capitalism by over-producing and out-profiting it due to practically nonexistent personal expenses in such hard labour camps.  When the National Socialists came to power, they liked the idea of the concentration camps very much, and they continue to call them “re-education camps” officially.

The total weaponization has reached science (recall the “global cooling” hoax, which got transformed into the “global warming” hoax), media (recall the complete evolution of modern media into open propaganda outlets, where journalists act as ideological soldiers), culture (an idea of “cultural Marxism” by Antonio Gramsci), religion (recall Black Liberation Theology), sports, and many other endeavors.

The election of socialist Barack Obama as the president of the United States was the peak of leftism.  This peak was unique, a once-in-human-civilization event, that allowed for the weaponization of institutions — like the IRS and U.S. spy agencies (CIA, FBI, all seventeen of them).  Also, health care was weaponized (Obamacare), as well as the United Nations.  The trade unions had been weaponized around the same time as genitalia, and by the same people, but only President Obama managed to use unions as political assault weapons.  (Recall the General Motors saga.)

Of course, Obama inherited much neo-Marxist ammunition from his predecessors, like race.  The “race card” is, in fact, one of leftists’ most commonly used political assault weapons.  However, they have practically run out of ammunition.  The Democrats have kept the black population on the “Democratic plantation” for too long while conducting anti-black policies.  The same applies to American Jews — they finally realized that the Holocaust was used by leftists to keep the Jews in the Democrats’ orbit while conducting anti-Israeli policies.  Democrats created the KKK, as well as its modern version, Antifa, but these guys in black outfits suspiciously look like the reincarnation of Mussolini’s blackshirts, so, politically, that was a dead end.

What is left for the Left?

There is nothing left that could be weaponized to satisfy the power-hungry totalitarian, racist, and anti-Semitic ideology of leftism.  The transfer of private financial records of Donald Trump from banks into the public domain is embarrassing but not deadly to Trump.  It is deadly, however, for those who still follow the despicable ideology of leftism, because it clearly shows they are forced to use their very last reserves.

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