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We hear a lot today about how the left is calling conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with them, Nazis, Hitlers, etc. But who is really Naziesque, the left or the right?

In pre-World War II Germany, the Hitler Youth were indoctrinated with an anti-church mentality and were used to break up church youth groups. They were also used to break up any public opposition to the rising influence of Hitler and the Nazi party. Theodore Lessing was a Jewish professor in Germany at the time and, while he himself was quite controversial, he also saw the dangers in the rising power of Hitler and the Nazis and publicly cautioned the German people against the movement.

Hitler, while an evil tyrant, was not stupid. He knew that the youth of the country reacted more emotionally than logically to almost any given situation, so when Lessing was to give a public speech, Hitler was able to whip the youth into an ideological frenzy and have them go and do everything they could to disrupt and shut down anything Lessing had to say. And Lessing was not the only one to whom they reacted this way. Does this all sound familiar?

Take a look at what is happening at our public lack of education institutions. Whenever a conservative (like Milo, Shapiro, Ingraham, Lauren, etc.) wants to come onto campus to discuss free speech, the Hitler Youth of those universities come out either violently or semi-violently to do whatever they can to shut down the presentation. In too many instances they have destroyed public and private property to ‘make their point,’ much like the Nazis in Germany destroyed and defaced Jewish property to make their point.

High school and college youth more and more are getting indoctrinated into thinking that socialism is a good thing, though history repeatedly shows us that socialism is full of lofty platitudes, but is utterly bereft of any real solutions. In fact, it creates more problems for the people than anything. Just look at today’s Venezuela. Nonetheless, Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring and other prominent Nazis fully embraced socialism. And those of us on the right are the Nazis?

Nazis burned books they deemed to be “offensive.” Now Keith Ellison, the number two guy in the Democratic Party, wants to pressure Amazon and Barnes & Nobles to stop selling books written and/or published by anyone that is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate groups” list, which includes the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom and pretty much any Christian or conservative group. I haven’t heard of any conservative wanting to ban Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” or any similar book. But conservatives are  somehow the Nazis.

I have a history book, and several years ago I read about the ‘leaders’ of the day. “They are conceited and understand nothing. They have an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth.” My first thought was that that sounded a lot like today’s Democrat party.

And in this history book, a later chapter went on to predict what societies of the future would be like. At the time, I thought “Wow, this is right on the money!” It is even more pertinent now than it was at the time that I read it. It states “People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure.”

“They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over (the) gullible, and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. These teachers oppose the truth. They are of depraved minds. But they will not get very far because their folly will be clear to everyone.”

That sounds an awful lot like today’s left. They’re arrogant, greedy and ideologically myopic. They’re right and you’re wrong and that’s all there is to it, and if you insist on disagreeing, they will try to destroy you and any innocents that may get in their way. Fortunately, I think and hope that people are finally starting to get tired of the snowflake mentality and are starting to fight back.

When I was a much younger man, I was fortunate enough to go to schools that were institutions of learning, not indoctrination centers. Even though the teachers tried to stress the importance of history, I was naive enough to think, just like many youth today, “Well, that happened in the past. How could it have any bearing on the present?” But then a funny thing happened as I got older…I grew up. As I started living through what we now regard as history, I came to appreciate the importance of history. Unfortunately, we have a generation of teachers who apparently have not benefitted from the wisdom of experience and too many of them are imposing their lofty but empty platitudes on our children who have yet to benefit from any wisdom of experience.

History is vitally important. In deference to an attribution to the 1700’s British Statesman Edmund Burke, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” We need to embrace history, if for no other reason, to avoid the pitfalls of the past and to hopefully embellish upon it’s successes.

Oh, and that history book I quoted..I’ll admit that I selectively edited the quotes, because if I had presented the quotes in their entirety, the “tolerant” and “compassionate” left would have instantly gone deaf (or blind, in this case).  The book is the Bible, 1 Timothy 6 and 2 Timothy 3.

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