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The loud Left claims socialism is a moral system and they denounce Capitalism as immoral.  The moral is the chosen and socialism has no history of endorsing choice, especially in the economic realm.  In Socialism, the means of production are owned by the government and we know how well the government runs businesses. The Post Office ( a government monopoly ) is deeply in debt and it has had 200 years to come up with a plan to stop losing money.  The Soviet Union collapsed under Communism ( the end point of socialism ), Venezuela is collapsing under the fangs of socialism, Argentina fell under socialism and Nazi Germany ( The National Socialist Party of Germany ) wiped itself out and would still be in rubble if America has not loaned and invested in its economy.

Morality means you do what you think is right based on your rational self-interest.  This is not possible under socialism where every move is monitored and punished by government bureaucrats and enforcement officers.  Morality cannot exist under such a system.  Only when individual rights are protected, which socialism does not do, can freedom emerge and innovation via personal incentive thrive.  Socialism is immoral because it wants to pretend man is not interested in his rational self-interest but a government bum can somehow enforce citizens to behave under their dictates.

No system based on the idea that human nature can be changed can ever be moral. It is the equivalent of teaching cows to fly and baboons to speak.  The world saw the collapse of collectivism ( which socialism is a form of ) after the world wars and the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This is history and any intellectual worth his salt realized this ideology was no longer relevant or viable.  This is why the current day proponents of socialism are not intellectuals but fumbling buffoons without a coherent message and only cry for crowds of like-minded simpletons to rant and rave in the streets for this impossible dream.

When you speak of a moral system that violates individual rights you are contradicting yourself.  There is no morality in the violation of individual rights. When you respect the individual rights of a person you are acting morally.  When you violate the individual rights of a person you are a criminal.  Politicians have decided the can violate individual rights if they declare it is the law.  Such law is immoral and is the foundation for corruption and irrational laws.

No one who advocates the violation of individual rights can be called anything but a potential tyrant. To give them a voice is to sanction their incoherent message and immoral behavior.  The reason they are calling socialism moral is that they are victims of the pervasive false ethics of altruism.  All altruists eventually seek to undermine individual rights.  It is in the name of the unidentified others that they speak and act.  Notice the others are always the needier. PETA picked the animals that are restricted in that they cannot speak for themselves. Politicians send money to impoverished nations by the billions while they deny protective barriers for their country and it ’s citizens. Why?  Altruism, the code of the underdog helped by the planet savers.  Climate change ( another nebulous concept ) has the fanatics who are going to save us in spite of ourselves from heat and cold of greater extremes than we could imagine.  This is altruism acting to save the poor ignorant who are not capable of seeing the vision of the proponents of that scientifically proven phenomenon that they first called global warming, then global cooling and then to cover their insanity came up with climate change.  What else do you expect climate to do?  Blaming these nebulous phenomena on man after seven ice ages and warm-ups before man appeared is the height of denial.

Any system that has its roots in altruism is bound to drift into socialism in some form.  This is why socialism can never be categorized as a moral system.  As long as there are people with a loud mouth embracing the morality of altruism they will get attention and have a voice if not rejected for the immorality they represent.  It does no good to challenge them with a practical argument for capitalism as they are bound up in altruism and capitalism’s morality has yet to be recognized for the virtue it needs.  Rational self-interest is the foundation of capitalism and that is the morality that is not preached or recognized. It is an altruistic sacrifice that is imposing unearned guilt on millions and releasing the shrill cries of the true believers to impose sacrifice for their whims. Only by admitting they have some moral stature are you lending them a sword to slash you with.  Only by not denouncing their ignorance and hate are you enabling them to march on undeterred.  Learn what capitalism is and why it is the moral system and you will defang these voices of destruction.  Cut off the head of the snake which is the immorality of altruism.

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