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Healthcare or migration control.  For which will you vote?  America’s healthcare requires immigrant control.  There are now diseases in America that were eradicated because Obama imported millions of immigrants illegally without checking them for communicable diseases.  Now pregnant women in the USA live in fear of being bitten by a mosquito and contracting the Zika virus.  If you vote Democrat because you believe ObamaCare is better than what Americans had before then you are supporting the reintroduction of diseases that Americans had defeated.  How is that healthcare?  This immigrant invasion is a national security crisis and President Trump must act to defend our borders by blocking them completely.

Democrats blame Republicans for the crises that the left creates.  Invaders are instructed by Democrats on how to lie claiming to be refugees seeking asylum when they are actually thieves looking for handouts.  It is the way of the left to deceive and dupe the ignorant by casting the righteous as the wicked.  That includes framing them for the crimes of the left.  Democrats and their media are not about solving problems but creating them to inflict pain and suffering on people creating a crisis for them to exploit.  They do this to dupe the ignorant with cries of “refugees” and “racism.”  The solution to the immigrant crisis facing the United States begins with deposing and prosecuting Democrats who foment insurrection and incite violence against and invasion of the nation.

Solving the illegal immigrant crisis requires going to the source.  Just as Obama illicitly funded the Muslim Brotherhood to form ISIS, just as he backed a government overthrow in Honduras to create these migrant crises in Europe and America, Democrats are the ones who use Imperialism against other countries and then blame Republicans.  Socialists acting with Democrat assistance overthrow regimes and oppress the people badly enough that they want to flee to the USA.  But upwards of half of those flooding into our country are not refugees, but insurgents intent on assisting Democrats in the overthrow of the Constitution.  If Republicans acted against Democrats who are fomenting insurrections both at home and abroad then this immigrant crisis from south of the border would be abated.

Solving the illegal immigrant crisis:

  • Pass laws in the USA to prosecute and punish Democrats who fomented these foreign insurrections to create this crisis
  • Prosecute Democrats inciting violence in the USA
  • Seal the border against illegal crossings
  • Invade and depose the socialist regimes in Central and South America
  • Hunt down and kill off the criminal gangs
  • Establish republican governments to establish law and order

Democrats have always worked with Communists in Russia and China to foment crises in third world countries around the world.  They lauded the Nazis and Fascists in the 1930s for their control over their populations.  The two-faced propaganda of the left confuses people who are ignorant of history and sociology.  Journalism is supposed to be about objectively reporting the facts of an event.  But liberals believe journalism today is to bring powerful people down who are Republicans.  No, that’s what propaganda is for which explains why the leftist media is a bunch of propagandists.

That propaganda is what convinces the ignorant that Trump worked with Russians to steal the election.  When it was discovered that the Trump campaign was spied on by an illegal FISA warrant sanctioned by Obama, Democrats claimed there was much more to it.  On examination it was discovered that 90% of the warrant was due to a fictional dossier created by the Hillary campaign.  Democrats then claimed it was George Papadopoulos who exposed Trump’s Russian connection talking to the Australian ambassador.  That information has since been discovered to have been planted on him by FBI covert operatives that infiltrated the campaign acting at the direction of Obama, Lynch, and Comey.

That’s entrapment, like a police officer handing a teenager a brick to throw at an empty house and then arresting him for vandalism.  The entire Mueller investigation is based on lies planted by Democrats to entrap unwitting people within the Trump campaign.  Obama’s FBI didn’t go into the campaign to find Russian collusion, but to plant it.  These are all crimes committed by Democrats.  Illegal immigration is a crime and their trying to slander Trump as separating families and enslaving illegals is a farce when it is Democrats importing these people as cheap labor and welfare voter slaves.

Democrats say the NeverTrumpers prove that they are right.  NeverTrumpers are people who claimed to be the staunchest of conservatives, but because they declare that Trump is too “undignified” for them they would rather have Hillary.  In the final analysis, if you became a Democrat because of Trump you were never a conservative, just as if you became Democrat because of abortion rights you were never a Christian.  What Christian would endorse sacrificing babies lives in the womb for the convenience of an irresponsible woman?  Conservatives and Christians never endorse the atheist, socialist, Islamist, anti-God policies of the left.  The Russia investigation and illegal immigrant invaders are crises created by Democrats.  Unfortunately, it takes years to wade through the muck of liberalism in Washington to root out the corruption.  The left hopes to retake power and make all the investigations into their crimes go away this November while doubling up their scams to persecute Republicans.  Don’t be their dupe.

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