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There’s one major problem with liberalism. it’s not logical.

The very ideas they promote are illogical, if you examine them with an open mind. They promote lack of initiative and laziness as a virtue while condemning industriousness and the production of new wealth through your own efforts. They think if one man works and EARNS something he is OBLIGATED to “share” that with those who, for whatever reason, do NOT. They wish to PUNISH those who EARN, while rewarding those who don’t. Their most glaring lack of logic is their contention that “The rich only got rich by stealing from the poor.” How is that POSSIBLE? If the poor had anything worth stealing, they wouldn’t be poor, now would they? But they still peddle this silly notion confidently, and expect intelligent people to believe it. That, in itself, is illogical.

Another illogical idea is that the Russians would rather have Trump as president, than Hillary, and colluded with him to make it happen. What in HELL would ever make the Russians want Trump over Hillary? Hillary would have continued Obama’s silly and stupid movement of this country toward socialism, which is the same as communism, with only “cosmetic differences.” So why in HELL would there EVER be Russian help for Trump to be elected? Trump, as president, is the worst thing that could be for the Russians.

Then there is transgenderism. They promote things like allowing men into women’s restrooms and changing rooms, and push it as if transgenders were a MAJORITY in America, and we are abusing them by making them use restrooms used by people of their logical sex, instead of those used by the OPPOSITE sex. Transgenders represent less than .01% of the population, and have had no problem for many years using the proper restrooms.

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Next, there is their effort to promote gays as “natural and normal” and to allow them to usurp the very MEANING of the word “marriage” by using it to describe their same-sex unions. Being gay is NOT “normal and natural” because sex is for procreation, and sex between two people of the same sex CANNOT produce a child without the assistance of the opposite sex, in some way. They SAY they just want to have the same RIGHTS as are enjoyed by heterosexuals, but if you offer them the chance for a “contract” IDENTICAL to that of marriage under a name OTHER than marriage, they refuse to even consider it.

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Now we come to guns. Liberals think there is way too much “gun violence” in the world, and in that, they’re right. But they approach it wrong. They think if they can just get rid of all guns, they can do away with crime, itself. They make many laws to limit the guns that can be gotten LEGALLY, completely forgetting the fact that criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, will just get their guns ILLEGALLY. They make such silly laws as “gun-free zones,” thinking that those who would do us ill will OBEY their silly little laws. Do you see the fallacy here? All their answers to crime are to hope the criminal will OBEY their laws, which he will NOT. They need to make laws that do NOT depend on the criminals to obey their laws. Laws that punish the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime. But such laws are few and far between, and aren’t usually even enforced. They waive their enforcement in order to get convictions in other crimes, which is just lazy police work.

Now we come to the killing of babies. Infanticide is an important part of liberalism. They support the killing of infants before they even get a chance at life, and therefore also support outfits like Planned Parenthood, which make $millions by murdering infants, still in the womb, while they sell the ripped off arms and legs, and the internal organs they have “liberated” by the bloody murder of that child. They support the idea of unbridled welfare, to make it easier for lazy people to GET welfare, which makes it more difficult for people who really NEED it to get it, by exhausting resources. When they pay able-bodied people not to work, those same people DO work, but as criminals, selling dope, raping and robbing and murdering people because they have so much time on their hands and can make even more money by so doing. They get bored, so they go out and commit crimes for excitement and profit. I could go on and on, but this would become so long and boring that nobody would read it, so I’ll quit now and let the reader think of more illogical liberal notions, on his own.

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Ray Thomas

Author of "What's Wrong IN America" and "Pay Attention to Politics,: Both available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I intend to spend whatever time I have left telling the TRUTH about what your government is doing to you, with the help of the bureaucracy and the educational system, and the liberal media. Up to now, I have been doing it through my three main blogs, which I update daily. they are: "The Bull Cutter) (, "The Unarmed Citizen" ( and "Ray's Shorts"( Read these blogs to keep up on what's happening that the liberal media refuses to cover, and just ignores.


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