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The war for the heart and soul of America will soon begin; the battle lines have been drawn, and for now, each of the opposing sides has retreated to their neutral corners or bunkers. In about 45 days, the political landscape will be transformed and the climate will become toxic with rhetorical flourishes instead of bullets and bombs, more so than it is now. On January 01, 2019 Democrats will assume the majority in the House of Representatives, while Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

The November 6th midterm elections revealed what the probable path forward will look like, with an influx of radical socialist democrats. The party itself is waiting in earnest, ready to fire off a barrage of political impositions on the president, and by extension the American people. Subpoena’s, investigative committees, all leading possibly to that which they have so desired for the last two years, impeachment of the president.

From all indications, Mr. Trump may very well have his hands full with a rogue’s gallery of Democrats whose sole purpose for their political existence is to destroy his presidency. They declared war long ago and have already hinted that they will begin an investigation into his; yes you guessed it right, tax returns. Of course, this may take a back seat to Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

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It is not my intent here to go into detail of all the facts and numbers, who won what and where, as this has all been covered by numerous news sources in the mainstream media. Aside from the outcome of the election, I believe what is of even greater significance is the direction we are headed as a nation. Many of these new congressmen and women are in fact quite extreme to the Left. They seek to transform who we are as a culture and a nation, and have made statements that many would consider as antithetical to the traditional values and principles many of us hold as sacred.

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Since the election of President Trump, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have increased their numbers from about 7,000 to 50,000. Last reports indicate that 46 democrat socialists beat establishment republicans and democrats, and won their primaries in New York, Kansas, Michigan, Washington State, and in state legislatures in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Maine. Of course, a number of (DSA) candidates lost their races, but I believe overall they will have an impact on politics and the nation.

Some of the winners had many in the media, the punditry, and talking heads, and this includes Democrats, shocked at the outcome of some of the races, one in particular, in Arizona; how a candidate like republican Repr. Martha McSally, an Air Force colonel who flew combat missions, and is a doctor, can lose to a hardcore progressive, and I believe atheist, like Kyrsten Sinema a Democrat who ran as a centrist but based on some of her past statements is anything but. As for Representative Mc Sally, the word is she ran as a centrist and distanced herself from the president, but still she was a far better candidate.

In New York, Democrats have gained full control of the state legislature, and just about every district from the southern tip of Manhattan up to the capital in Albany and beyond. Republicans lost seats and their hold in the Senate; their status as a party is tenuous at best. Governor Cuomo has won a third term, and regrettably, as I pointed out in a previous article earlier this year, his agenda is a radical progressive nightmare, especially on abortion rights.  The darlings of the DSA movement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julia Salazar, both from New York won their primaries.

What has occurred in the democrat party, with the addition of an impressive number of avowed socialists, begs the question, what effect will they have on the Congress and state legislatures, and how will their presence influence policies that affect us all. If their numbers continue to grow, and they’re given the power to impose their radical agenda on the rest of us; free college tuition, universal health care, an expansion of the welfare state, no borders, disbanding ICE, then the America we know and love will cease to exist.

We as a nation must not falter and allow a failed political system, like socialism which throughout history has proven a failure, and caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of men, women, and children. If we are to lose some battles, let us learn from our mistakes and in the end, we must win the war.

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