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How can parents continue to endure the inflationary spiral built into the cost of higher education?

First, kids in high school can get into one of the building trades, or electronics, computers, and so on. Plumbers, electricians, and brick layers will always be needed, and those trades are not overwhelmed with licensed workers the way Juris Doctor degrees have made lawyers become a dime a dozen.

Second, why would any Middle-class kid want to be swallowed up by PCers and other fascists, or be accused of rape or sexual harassment for either talking to, or not talking to, another student? How large a stupidity is it to stifle your opinions for fear of traumatizing the snowflakes? The whole reason universities exist in the first place is to engage minds with differences of opinion, requiring you to make your case by using persuasive speech instead of resorting to Nazi speech codes.

Not only that, but you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars to take courses like Gender Studies, or Feminist Studies and have to endure hours of brainwashing on white privilege. Oh, and forget Shakespeare. These wee widdle snowflakes can’t read on that level. So, to hide that fact, they just ban the curriculum as an example of patriarchal abuse from another DWEM (dead, white, European male), and the problem is solved.

Do you really want to be sentenced to four or five or six years in a North Korean reeducation camp?

So, when (or if) you graduate, what do you gain? You get a huge student loan debt, plus the five-thirty opening shift at McDonald’s.

You know you’re “degree” isn’t worth the paper it was printed on. You did not acquire the skills necessary to manage or even work for most businesses because you’re lousy at math, you have poor communications skills, and you write like a fourth grader.

If it weren’t for the assembly line indoctrination, EDUCATION INC. wouldn’t have a reason to exist. It’s certainly not to benefit students, but rather teachers and administrators. A student is just another brick in the wall of contrived colossal ignorance.

Haven’t you figured out why foreigners are imported so you can train them to take your job?

Don’t worry, though, because you will get a subsistence living, with a food stamp ATM card thrown in.

Then, when your student mortgage loan doesn’t get paid, and if you have a house note around the same size, it’s a cinch you’ll be looking for a rent house unless you can go back home to live in Mom’s basement.

Suppose though you’re a lot like me and have a great fear of tools? Wouldn’t the University of Phoenix and other online universities be just as good? No commute, no dorm room, noidiot RA (resident assistant) dictating every detail of your life for as long as you survive.

And because you’re not part of campus life you won’t have to worry about being agile enough to avoid the “cause heads” that spend more time protesting something (anything, really) than they spend in class. You can complete the computerized course requirements without ever having to bump into drooling snowflakes with glassy eyes. (Hands up, don’t shoot)

But, the BEST part about learning a trade or “attending” an online university is you deny the Marxist idiocracy lots and lots of M O N E Y. Even a Marxist knows the value of a buck, and if they’re getting a whole lot fewer dollars because they have far fewer students bankrupting themselves or their parents—ONLY THEN will things change.

College was never meant for everyone. People have different talents, skills, and abilities. Those who excel in high school math and science, like my daughter, should enter a four or five year discipline and graduate with a degree in chemical engineering. Plastics plants and refineries love engineers and pay them well.

Fifty years ago, only the academic cream of the crop had a shot at going to university. For everyone else, it was learn a trade and go to work and make your experience attractive to potential employers. But, the Marxists figured out the way to increase supply is to stimulate demand.  Somewhere along the line, the Looney Left told us EVERYONE should go to college. It was THEIR RIGHT to go to college. And the government would lend everyone the money!

Truth is, colleges don’t care about you. You’re there to pad their bottom line. So, because most of us couldn’t possibly earn an engineering degree, colleges had to dumb down the curriculum, not just on the university level, but in high school also.

Fifty years from now, historians are going to look back at this era of academic fraud writ large and wonder how so many people could be so fooled by so few.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t be that guy.

Remember, most engineers, business tycoons (the Trump family excepted) and members of other professions can’t lay block, can’t build brick walls, don’t do sheet rock, can’t frame a house, and can’t fix their own computers.

Without the working class, they’d be up a creek without a paddle and therein lies the hatred they have for the Middle-class. They need us a whole lot more than we need them.

Unless you really have a hankering to learn basket weaving.



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