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Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, recently popped up in Antarctica on his way to the Paris Climate Change confab trying to shore up the Paris Climate Change Untreaty, Rip-Off-America Agreement where he will give yet another long-face speech saying, “We’re all gonna die!” and a few other one-liners he learned from Albert Gore, Junior, a man who is actually dumber than John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam. We have every reason to believe John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam was actually trying to go straight to Paris, but followed a penguin or a narwhal as they go there some times…

Meanwhile in London, an investigation by The Daily Mail reported a global warming research center at the London School of Economics got millions of dollars from UK taxpayers in research grants by taking credit for work it did not perform. (gasp)

The UK government gave $11 million dollars to the Center for Climate Change Economics and Policy CCCEP in exchange for research the organization did not do in a pure, unabashed fraud. This is not uncommon. “Global Warming” is the greatest science fraud in history. It beats everything from the days of Alchemy to, and through, many you can read about at our blog Science Frauds.

Many papers CCCEP claimed to have published to get government grant money weren’t about global warming, were written before the organization was even founded, or were written by researchers unaffiliated with CCCEP. The government never checked CCCEP’s supposed publication lists, saying they were “taken on trust,” according to the report. This is an all-to-common practice in academia.

“It is serious misconduct to claim credit for a paper you haven’t supported, and it’s fraud to use that in a bid to renew a grant,” Professor Richard Tol, a climate economics expert from Sussex University whose research was reportedly stolen by CCCEP, told The Daily Mail. “I’ve never come across anything like it before. It stinks.” This man has been asleep as we say this is common in academia having been raised in it.

From 1988 AD to 2000 AD the United States government spent $550 billion promoting “anthropogenic global warming” by offering grants on the subject of atmospheric science. They only funded those that promoted the concept “man’s activities are responsible for the destruction of the atmosphere and planet.” Any paper saying otherwise or “putting the lie” to the concept was ignored.

This has also had a direct effect on private publishing as we found when trying to sell film projects opposing the “ozone hole” and “global warming.” Where we had 325 previous screen credits what could there be but an objection to the topic as all of my projects had made money.

If the Federal government only continued funding at the 1988 AD to 2000 AD rate they have added another $733 billion for a total of $1.28 trillion, but we believe it is even more. Nonetheless, the American people remain unconvinced as surveys of their concerns always find this issue is last and if it is not listed it is not mentioned. For this reason the elected ruling class is insisting it be taught in the schools as fact and the Obama Administration now wants to make disbelief a felony and put a number of “man-caused climate change deniers” in prison “as examples!” How about people who mishandle “Secret” documents?

This is truly the beginning of a new Dark Age where in physical science, Chemistry and Physics, there are no books or teachers with the truth in them. We will have printed things that look like books, men and women looking like teachers, but now spout politically correct nonsense. Their students will learn nothing and our great nation, like all other empires will fail from within. None have lasted longer than 250 years and we are 240 years old this year.

Six weeks ago we sent a paper about our “Magic Bottles” demo-experiment any junior high school science class could do with two empty soda bottles, two lab thermometers, 1/8th tsp of baking powder and a few drops of “White Distilled Vinegar” to the 15 US Senators on the Joint Science and Technology Committee that started this nonsense in 1988. It shows very clearly that adding CO2 to the atmosphere causes a decline in temperature in accord with the Le Chatelier Principle, a pillar of physical science, explaining it thoroughly in terms 14 year-olds can understand. We have not received one response. The fix is in.

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