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Another Round was fought yesterday at the Republican National Convention. Hillary wasn’t even there, but she won the round!

Maybe you don’t see it that way, consider this:

Mr. Trump became a candidate at Hillary’s “request”. I’m pretty sure money changed hands since that’s how both Hillary and Donald keep score. It was merely part of her nefarious plan (her top priority, in fact) to become President.  Have to give her credit, though – it was a pretty smart move.

Next, she needed to make certain that he would be the Republican Party’s nominee. A game called “let’s you and him fight” was implemented to narrow the field of candidates.  One by one, the other 16 (obviously some were more qualified for the job) left the race.  Have no way to know for sure what their reasons were.  Some legitimately made it a personal choice.  They decided they probably didn’t want to be President, anyway (Sour Grapes).  Some were coerced, seemingly a standard practice in politics these days.  The end result was that Mr. Trump did become the “presumptive nominee”.

Next step in her nefarious plot: Divide and Conquer!

With all the other Republican supporters removed from the ‘race’, it was now time to reduce the number of those in the Republican Party who would vote for Mr. Trump. So – ‘#nevertrump became a reality used solely to increase Hillary’s popularity and power. The size of this group blossomed overnight.  Some very prominent, well respected Republicans became vocal about their NON-Support.  What did you expect?  When Donald was evaluated – he came up short of the standards we have used in the past.  She knew what she was doing when she chose Trump.  I don’t think he realized, at the time, what his purpose was to be in this battle.

This years’ election has exposed a myriad of flaws in our political system. There’s enough already uncovered to keep legislators [and possibly many attorneys] busy for the next 100 years ,  This is in addition to the original legitimate issues that have been on the back burner for too long.  Ignoring them has not made them go away.

We need to address terrorism, economics, Obamacare, welfare, immigration, human rights, the Court System, a balanced budget, transparency and much more.

The Democrats are held hostage by PAC’s, SUPERPAC’S, and Lobbyists, as are the Republicans. The first priority – take the money out of politics.  Campaign finance reform?  – Desperately need to enact additional rules for contributions.  One should not be able to BUY the Presidency!  It seems ludicrous to spend all that money on “Being the President”, when we are trillions of dollars in debt.  I know Common Sense is already dead, but perhaps we can resurrect it.  It will definitely take a truckload of common sense to do what needs to be done.

Using diversion is another one of Hillary’s methods. It seems to be the one she has mastered the best.  She has been trying to divert our attention from all the scandals in which she was involved since the beginning of time.  She is extremely skilled in these tactics (A diversionary activity is one that is intended to refocus people’s attention away from something which you do not want them to think about, know about, or deal with.) Merriam-Webster

Another ploy – albeit quite necessary to the political process, failed at yesterday’s convention. The Free the Delegates drive was rejected under protest on the first day of the Convention.  The Chair of the convention even left the stage when a roll call vote was requested on the 2016 Rules.  Security helped assure that all of the 11 states petitions for this vote could not be delivered to the “secretary” – then the claim was made that they only received 9 petitions.

We were told that three delegations withdrew, leaving only 6 states whose petitions were accepted. The “RULES” required 7 states’ participation.  The group legitimately had 11.  What was not said was that threats were issued if the delegates did NOT withdraw their petitions.  Government of the bullies, by the bullies, and for the bullies.

I can’t explain why they were afraid to call a roll call vote – Perhaps they knew that Mr. Trump would not be a ‘shoe-in’ for the nomination if they allowed the vote. Or, perhaps, they were merely showing their muscle. The Chair simply determined the “ayes” had it.  Don’t know how he could tell with all the screaming that was going on.  But, I’m sure this was also by design!

For a country founded on “We the People” it reeked of “We the Elite”. We need to do more to assure that we remain a free country – free of strong-arm tactics in Government, politics, and elsewhere.

I pray we don’t fall victim to Hillary’s evil plot. I feel like the little kid in the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, the one who tells the citizens there are no clothes!  “Out of the mouths of Babes”.

This election is NOT COMPLICATED. God gave us our intelligence.  He trusts that we will use it.  He also provided the principles that we need to get through this jumble of junk.  If we speak and act according to our true priorities, we will make it thru these troubled times.

Ask yourself what you consider important?

Do you want ‘more of the same’ – or should we board the Trump Train and get on with fixing what’s wrong? We have to start somewhere. He is the one put before us to counter what we already know is unethical. We may have preferred someone different, but it’s either him or Hillary.  That’s the bottom line.  For those of us who believe that God acts in mysterious ways, this is a perfect example.

I guess I’ve gone thru a Political epiphany to get to this point.  Changes are obviously needed in many areas. Hillary & her followers will not make the ones that need to be made.  They prefer having the government in charge.  That hasn’t worked so far.  It has failed drastically!

Try to ignore the name-calling, lies and other negative campaign techniques. It won’t be easy.  If we are to seriously move forward to make the changes necessary to restore traditional values, then we must put America’s principles before the candidates personalities.

Make your own choice. Decide what is really important to you. Say your prayers.  And vote!


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