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What does a liberal fascist, a Latino-communist, a democratic socialist, and an Islamo-nazi have in common?  They all hate Christian conservative Republicans who live free as American capitalists.

Take the last one first as the best example of anti-American leftism.  As a Moslem jihadi working against America, the heartless face of Islam is found in Somalian, Ilhan Omar, who was elected to Congress by Minnesota Democrats.  The Democrat corruption of Minnesota is so deep that it was the only state in the union that voted against Ronald Reagan’s second term.  Ilhan Omar, who obtained a Green Card by illegally marrying her brother, is a devout Islamist, anti-Semite, and hater of Christians.  In return for American benevolence, she has entered Congress being sworn in on the Koran and vowing to take down the hated Great Satan of Christianity.

As part of her efforts to undermine the USA, she has called for an end to U.S. opposition to the Islamic State, an end to U.S. support for the only ally in the Middle East – Israel, demanded that treacherous citizens who joined the death cult of ISIS jihadis be permitted back into the country, and she calls U.S. humanitarian aid to Venezuela that is suffering under a socialist dictatorship a prelude to invasion.  A recipient of U.S. aid herself and having benefited from Obama’s importation of Islamists, Omar is now working to sabotage America’s efforts to stop socialist tyranny around the world.

Stalinist Democrats, i.e. Feminazis, Target Moderate Democrats for Destruction

No Amount of American Greatness Dispels the Left’s Attraction to Socialism

Pelosi, AOC, and their socialist and Moslem allies are working toward the destruction of the U.S. Constitution by importing Latino-communists and Islamo-Nazis to colonize America.  Moslem Omar holds no allegiance to the United States of America.  She was sworn in, like Obama who did so in a private ceremony, on the Koran owned by Thomas Jefferson claiming that he was secretly a Muslim.  Jefferson only studied the Koran to understand Moslem slavers attacking America shipping along the Barbary Coast.  The Koran is the embodiment of Sharia Law of Muhammad while the Bible is the embodiment of Constitutional Law.

Where the Constitution is based on biblical principles, Sharia is based on Islamic principles that are anti-biblical anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian.  (For those who don’t understand the significance of that they need to be informed or reminded that Jesus is a Jew.)  Contrary to common ignorance, Allah is not the God of the Bible except to atheists who don’t know the difference between one “fantasy god” or another, and Moslems who seek to dupe infidels.

The Arab word ‘Allah’ does not translate to God except in extremely old testament references to Baal.  Omar, along with other Moslems, are now inside America’s government working against Jews and Christians by operating for Islamic jihadis of Hamas and Hezbollah, both products of Iranian Ayatollahs.  She has access to internal American government classified information and shaping foreign policy.  This is every bit as egregious a violation of American military security as giving the presidency to a radical socialist Moslem.  How has America descended to these depths so quickly after 9-11 wherein her enemies are given power within the nation’s government?  This is only happening in the Democrat Party.

Democrats who aid America’s enemies – this is called treason

Speaker Pelosi and AOC-Chiquita Khrushchev are united in targeting any Democrat who works with Republicans for America’s benefit.  Republicans passed a bill to report any illegal alien attempting to illegally buy a gun to ICE.  Democrat leftists are fighting this trying to impose gun confiscation on American citizens while illegally arming foreign invaders.  AOC’s stupidity and tyrannical control freak character have been widely exposed.  This is the kind of person who talks about how “oppressors victimize the innocent” in exactly the same way that Hitler spoke of the Jews stealing from Germans with the exact same demands for their persecution.

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Rush Limbaugh: Most people think that political parties are out there trying to do things to attract a majority of Americans to an agenda, to a set of ideas, to a set of objectives and goals. No. That’s not today’s Democrat Party. Today’s Democrat Party doesn’t care what you want. They don’t care what you think. They don’t care what your feelings are unless you somehow demonstrate that you are with them. They want to use positions of power to bully people, to threaten people into accepting them.

Everybody thinks politics is the other way around, that we are a country of, by, and for the people and that the people’s desires, thoughts, ideas are what determine what the political parties seek. Nope. Not when you’re talking about the modern era of the Democrat Party. Nancy Pelosi at war with moderate Democrats; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at war with free markets. She is at war essentially with free choice. Ilhan Omar is at war with Jews as is Rashida Tlaib.

All of these people are obsessed with race. They are obsessed with abortion. They are obsessed with an agenda that they realize must be forced on everybody in order for it to become real. They are fierce. They are intolerant. These women are the definition of feminazis. They are socialists, they are bigots, and they are in your face.

Michelle Malkin convicts leftist immigration violators

Pelosi is one of the Democrats who came up with congressional members receiving pensions after leaving office.  This is sucking up taxpayer money to line their own pockets even when they are not serving.  Those who would compare their government service to police and firefighter pensions do so knowing full well that the latter serves with low pay at high risk to their lives and are compensated with pensions.  Democrats and their RINO allies in Congress manipulate their investments, not only by conducting insider trading they legalized for themselves but by subsidizing the companies in which they invest with taxpayer money to pad their own investment accounts.  If you don’t recognize this as extreme corruption, then you are part of the problem.

Tlaib embezzles campaign funds

AOC and Campaign Manager embezzle campaign funds

Pelosi embezzles campaign funds

Omar immigration fraud married her brother

Leftists deny all these charges and use political power to block investigations that would bring these charges to trial.  These are just a taste of the many charges of corruption within Washington, D.C. committed by congresspeople.  This is how corruption works, and AOC learned very quickly how to work with leftist corruption while telling the rest of us that we have to learn to live with less.  This rat pack of feminazis represent the greatest danger to the USA.  Any criticism of them is automatically labelled as sexist and racist and Islamophobic.  Such blatant obfuscations do not conceal the treachery of their wicked hearts.  If President Trump doesn’t take action against there criminals then America will be lost.

Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

[Author’s Note: These fascists are about to get a lesson in Washington politics as Democrats are being forced to draft a resolution to shut up Omar from damning Israel before they lose their Jewish donors.  And AOC is about to get a lesson in “kissing the ring” of Pelosi to keep her out of prison for embezzling a million dollars in campaign funds.  No doubt she’ll happily throw her campaign manager to the dogs to keep her own worthless ass out of jail.]

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