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The Fallacy of ‘Transgender’

In 2000 the European Therapy Studies Institute published a monograph by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell: “The APET Model – Patterns in the brain”. It shows how far down the road of fake research pseudo-scientists have slipped to ‘prove’ the ‘need’ to assign someone another gender. Sex is what we are born with, part of our given status; ‘gender’ is what we THINK we are. Sex is fixed. A man can think he is an elephant – but he isn’t! He can think he is a box, but he isn’t.

Thus, ‘reassignment’ is based not on science but on the whimsicality of absurd individuals who have weird ideas about who and what they are. I place the blame for this firstly on homosexuals, and secondly on those who allow them to persuade others to undergo surgery. I believe this monograph completely trashes the ‘gender’ argument, so it is important for Christians to read and use it to advantage.

Very basically, the authors say that the human brain acquires ‘templates’ or ‘givens’ before birth, and that as we grow we continue to add information to those templates, allowing us to become mature and informed adults. (Sounds more like God’s creation to me). They argue that trying to alter these templates can have disastrous results. They go on to give an example (below) of how this works out. I advise you to consider this example whenever you read of someone being given surgery to ‘correct’ a problem of gender (remember, gender is what people foolishly THINK they are. When gender and sex concur – which they must, because it is reality – everything works well).

Even the most well-known ‘gender reassignment’ cases come to realise how stupid they have been. The ‘gender’ field is littered with tragedy and incomprehensible foolishness.

The monograph gives a potent illustration of what happens when inner templates are not allowed to seek their fulfilment in the environment – the devastating story of a man reassigned from babyhood to live as a girl…

The procedure of reassigning sex in case of ambiguity (e.g. genetic/hormonal irregularities) was largely established in the 1950s by psychologist Dr John Money… He also invented the terms ‘gender identity’. Tragically, in the process of his work, he became convinced that all babies are psychosexually the same, and that gender identity only emerges as a result of upbringing. (Griffin and Tyrell, 2000) (Note on Conditioning: Essentially, this is an evolutionary idea and is the unfounded basis on which modern meddling is based).

His primary ideas are fruitless and impossible to prove. No-one can prove what is in a baby’s brain, especially something as specific as being sexually neutral! Money was being unscientific, using guesswork’ this is typical behaviour from evolutionists.

His chance to ‘prove’ this occurred when, in 1967, he was approached by a young couple whose baby boy twins had been obliged to undergo circumcision for medical reasons. The operation for one of them, John, had gone horribly wrong, and he had lost his penis.

Money persuaded the parents that their boy should be fully castrated and given a female-style persona, when he was just 22 months old. (Money ‘believed’ he was right – though ‘believe’ is NOT a scientific or medical term, but another guess; he also guessed that ‘sex’ is the same as ‘gender’). The parents were told NEVER to answer the child’s future queries with doubts, or he could be ‘damaged’ by anything critical, and the parents only gave positive comments, making any feedback false.

In 1972, Money announced the procedure a resounding success at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This ‘success’ led to a worldwide acceptance in certain circumstances of such sex reassignment in babyhood. Today, we see the ugly aftermath.

The truth about Joan only became known when endocrinologist Dr Milton Diamond of the University of Hawaii, who had always taken issue with Money’s position, managed in 1991 to track down and persuade ‘Joan’ to cooperate in his writing of a medical paper that set the record straight.

The results were stunning! By that time ‘Joan’ had reverted back to being ‘John’, because, despite having an enforced female persona and being told he was a girl, he never accepted it.  This is the reality of modern gender claims, which are all based on self-delusion and deception.

As puberty approached, Joan was adamant, despite much pressure, that she would not have surgery to create a vaginal canal, and only under extreme duress agreed to take female hormones. To me, this is nothing but child abuse.  She was treated as a freak (which is what current ‘reassigned’ people really are!). When he was 13 those attempting to treat ‘her’ finally accepted the inevitable and her endocrinologist advised her father to tell Joan the truth. John was relieved to know the truth at last! Today, ‘transgenders’ do not want to know the truth, because they are maintained in their delusions by supposed ‘professionals’ who should simply tell them they are deluded, if not insane.

“In couple counselling we are now beginning to realise the importance of understanding the differences between male and female templates and how this affects life on all levels. For example, men and women understand and address emotions differently, focus attention differently, may enjoy different types of conversation, express love for their children differently, and are attracted to interests that often seem alien to the opposite sex. While there is much… that is similar between the sexes, the divergences are there for good reason…” (Griffin and Tyrrell).

The outrageous nature of this case is well known to those in this field of research. So, it is itself outrageous that they ignore what is obvious – men and women are different in so many ways. One cannot simply give hormones and cut someone up to ‘change’ from one sex to another! We are different for a good reason, as we read in the final sentence above. This is evident from both science and scripture. A VERY small number of people are born with ambiguous sex, but they are so few because they are ‘natural mistakes’.  We cannot and must not base our ideas on these almost negligible problems of nature.

When a man ‘thinks’ he is really a woman, or a woman ‘thinks’ she is a man, it is THIS that is conditioned, not the inborn fact of two separate sexes. Remember that ‘gender reassignment’ is used to describe operating on the bodies of deluded people, whose ridiculous ideas should have been immediately challenged when they first arose.

We must stand firm. The grotesque ideas of medical and other specialists must not be allowed Nazi-style outcomes. The experimentation MUST stop. Unlike John in the story above, many who undergo ‘reassignment’ go on to commit suicide – NOT because society rejects them (which many in society rightly do) but because they have been reassured by specialists who are making fools of their clients and of science, but their own minds KNOW it is all a big mistake.



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