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The SWAMP has been in turmoil since the election of our great President Donald J. Trump.

Republican and Democrat swamp dwellers are in a stew because of the Light, President Trump has shined on so many hidden things that the American voters have either chose not to believe when the evidence was very clear or was fine with the Mess along as the goodies flowed their way.

Trump much like the Black Widow Spider is taking out the swamp one strand at a time; the marvel that the spider can take out such giant things in comparison to its size, injecting just enough venom to cause its victim to become lethargic, so it can take strand after strand of web around the prey until totally secure and then the completion of the enjoyment to dine upon its prize. President Trump puts the Tweets out and the Fake News, Republicans and Democrats, and low information voters become unhinged, and while they feel they are really taking it to President Trump by excoriating his tweets, here comes that next strand of #MAGA!

Republicans said give us the U. S. Congress and we will oh pick a Topic, it’s not like there is five billion of them, and the voters delivered. Then they cried and said we need the Senate, and the voters gave them the Senate. And low and behold they said we need the Presidency and voters across the board gave them Donald J. Trump. And you start looking for those wonderful promised things that were going to happen and you cant find but about 30 U. S. Congressmen, and the rest went back into the swamp or into orbit because they couldn’t get a R.I.N.O., like Romney, El-Jeb Bush, Kasich, Lil Marco and on and on!

Here is the real deal the Republicans and Democrats have been on the same side, in the same sandbox, just changing the names on the doors and legislation like changing the marquis at the Movies. The name of the movie changes, the characters, at least most of them remain the same! and we all ways said the Republicans and Democrats ought to come together and work, and they have and still are, AGAINST the American People, the Fly Over, red neck, Bible-toting, gun clinging, middle America  Voters!

They work well together for Law Breakers, nuts and screwballs of the world, including those not even citizens or even residents of these United States! If its anti Moral, if it for every god associated with every religion around the world, (except Christianity) Jesus), if it’s crooked, underhanded, sneaky, and self-serving these things they are stuck together like crazy glue! And President Donald J. Trump, love him or hate him, he exposed the truth to the American People, I mean put it on front street, the question is what we will do with it?

The 2018 absolutely third world, banana republic election, where we had Law Breaking, Fraud, and Votes counted for weeks on end to get the desired outcome of the Swamp! So will the Voters let this happen in 2020 and Wake up to President Michelle my Belle Obama on November whatever the date they decide to stop counting?

Will we bow to open Government back up to appease the feelings and the howling of the Swamp, or will we demand a Secure Border and Rule of Law?

It’s Really anybody’s guess!


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