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I have gone to Epcot for the past 20 years for inspiration and to fight depression caused by working with people who were satisfied with “that’s good enough” work. I have seized every opportunity to take my grandchildren to Epcot so they could be exposed to the marvels of technology. Each and every time I have gone to Epcot, I either learned something new and interesting or I was exposed to a novel or unique view of something that I was already familiar with. I always walked away from Epcot with the feeling that I had not only enjoyed myself but had learned something. I enjoy collecting knowledge. I have seven years of college in the areas of physics, electronics, and philosophy. I have 40 years of experience in electronics, computers, computer controlled devices, communications and aviation as a test pilot and maintenance officer.  So, I am probably not your average citizen walking into Epcot. Still, I have never left Epcot without being impressed by the innovative ideas presented and the professionalism demonstrated by Epcot’s employees, engineers, and managers.

However, after my visit a few weeks ago, I feel that Epcot is drifting away from the idea Walt Disney had when he created Epcot.  It was the first time I had ever walked away from Epcot with the feeling that I had not been exposed to anything that I could not reproduce in my shop at home. I did notice a quantum leap in Epcot’s effort to provide two things Americans demand: sports and senseless entertainment containing as little useful information as possible. Lenin (Vladimir Ilich not John) called religion “the opiate of the people”. I think Lenin, if he were alive today, would call sports the opiate of the people.

The dumbing of Epcot is a sad tail to pin onto Walt Disney’s legacy. It does not take an imagineer to provide dope to a dope addict or senseless entertainment to an entertainment addict.

Please excuse me for poking my finger in your eye WDW. I understand that Disney World is a business and the most important thing in business is to make money, and you are making money – I am a stock holder. However, I just can’t help feeling sad about the change. I am so happy that I had the pleasure and the opportunity to expose my grandchildren to the old educational Epcot.

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