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America Has Lost Her Constitution  — Part 3


When we look closely at how our government works we see that there is little if any regard for our Constitution.  We find this primarily in the Democrat Party, but we also see very little opposition from the Republican Party when the Democrats openly violate the Constitution.  Confronted by an angry Tea Partier with a camera Thursday, an Illinois congressman said in front of several constituents at a town hall that he doesn’t care whether the new health care law violates the Constitution, as some critics have claimed.

In a video posted on YouTube, Adam Sharp of the St. Louis Tea Party asked Rep. Phil Hare which part of the Constitution authorizes the government to mandate that all Americans buy a private product such as health insurance. The Illinois Democrat replied, “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this.”

“Jackpot, brother,” Sharp said.

Hare cringed in disgust and said, “Oh please. What I care more about, I care more about the people dying every day who don’t have health care.”

“You care more about that than the U.S. Constitution that you swore to uphold?” Sharp shouted back.

“I believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Hare countered.

When an observer pointed out that those words come from the Declaration of Independence, Hare said, “Doesn’t matter to me. Either one.”

When Sharp pressed Hare to answer where in the Constitution government is granted the authority to mandate the purchase of health insurance, Hare said he didn’t know. 1

Democrat Representative Pete Stark from California stated at a town hall meeting that Congress pays no attention to the Constitution when making laws. 2  He also stated at another town hall that there is basically nothing the federal government can’t force the people to do. 3 Keep in mind that the majority of the people we have in both houses of Congress are globalists that are slowly moving America towards a One World Government.  The goal is total dominance of the population, no personal property, government run everything.  The main money man behind most Democrats like Obama, Clinton et. al., George Soros stated: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. [This idea] happens to coincide with the prevailing opinion in the world. And I think that’s rather shocking for Americans to hear.” 4 There is a major push by all the power brokers of both parties and in the world to subvert America forcing it into the OWO. Review information on Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to see just how they plan to implement this totalitarian government. Our members of Congress are helping out by legislating in favor of this agenda.  They have grandiose ideals that sound good but to implement them individual freedoms must be removed.  Our Constitution is supposed to be guarded by the people that we elect but they look the other way.  They tell us we need to do this and that for our safety taking away a little freedom each time, but it is really to slowly limit what we can do.  Ben Franklin once stated: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. This is exactly what is happening in America.  Look at the Nation Defense Authorization Act put in force by George W. Bush it allows the government to arrest an American citizen and hold them indefinitely without charging them with anything, not allowing the person access to an attorney.  That is the tactics of Soviet Russia.  Both Bush’s are globalists.

The duties of the federal government are few and well defined in the Constitution but they have overstepped their authority countless times and because no one has stood up to them they keep overstepping in all areas.  The only land the federal government is allowed to own is Washington, D.C. but they own most of the western states.  California – 49.9%, Arizona – 44.3%, Idaho – 65.2%, Nevada – 87.6%, Utah – 67.9%, Wyoming – 49.7%. 5 Why is this allowed?  Nobody from either party will stand up to the feds when they overreach their constitutional authority.  In 1954 Lyndon Johnson, as a Senator, was able to kick the church out of the political arena with what is called the Johnson Gag Order.  For the first time in American history a pastor could not endorse nor oppose a political candidate or party.  The church sat back and did nothing to defend their constitutional rights that had been taken away.

We’ve seen the Courts take away our rights to the point where, in our Christian nation, the Ten Commandments are illegal to display in our public schools: The Ten Commandments were taught in all of America’s schools from 1620 until 1980.  At that time a court ruling was issued stating:            

It is unconstitutional for students to see the Ten Commandments since they might read, meditate upon, respect, or obey them. Stone v. Graham, 1980. 6 A school teacher is not allowed to be seen with a Bible on school property: It is unconstitutional for a classroom library to contain books which deal with Christianity, or for a teacher to be seen with a personal copy of the Bible at school.  Roberts v. Madigan, 1990. 7  We have ‘freedom of speech’ in schools except when it comes to Christianity: Today, freedoms of speech and press are guaranteed to students and teachers – unless the topic is religious, at which time such speech becomes unconstitutional.  Stein v. Oshinsky, 1965; Collins v, Chandler Unified School District, 1981; Bishop v. Aronov, 1991: Duran v. Nitsche, 1991. 8

This has happened, in my opinion, because of the failure of the church to raise up people to run for office and to fight for the rights that were being taken away.  Growing up the church we attended, Baptist, preached about NOT going into politics because it was so corrupt. Now we see the results of no godly influence in that arena.  The devil has had a heyday steering America down the path to socialism and the majority of Americans either don’t know it or have enjoyed the ride.  We are leaving our kids with a broken country.  Confused, uneducated and totally ignorant of who we really are.  I. for one, will not go down without a fight.

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