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Over the course of the last three centuries, the world has seen a number of revolutions in both the Americas and Europe: The American and French Revolutions, the Irish Rebellion, Haitian Revolution, the Italian War for Independence, and there have been others.

Social and political upheavals’, and their intended outcomes- the overthrow of governments- have been the genesis for most revolutionary movements, usually inspired by radical liberal ideas. Not all revolutions however involved rebellions or armed skirmishes and battles; the Industrial Revolution was a radical socioeconomic change that was brought about by the extensive mechanization of production; it in effect created a forced barrier that would cause imperialist European states to lose assets and holdings throughout the New World.

When a people with like grievances, who feel betrayed and oppressed by their government, their leaders and agencies, gather together in unity to vent their outrage and frustrations, and in some display their acrimony through demonstration or protest; in most cases the differences can be resolved amicably and to the satisfaction of the parties at the table.

But if there is no meeting of the minds, so to speak, and the people’s passions flare and feelings of anger and bitterness heighten and linger, then civil unrest in one form or another can result, until the government takes appropriate measures to quell any disturbance. However, if over an extended period of time the people’s desires have not been addressed, they become enraged as their lives have not changed for the better, or may have even gotten worse, then the result might be outright civil unrest, rioting, or depending on the significance of the issue(s) involved, can lead to revolution and its elements violence and armed resistance.

We in America are in the throes of what I believe is civil unrest, or as some refer to it, “The Resistance Movement”. Not yet by any standard a revolution, and unlike most of those from the past, what we are experiencing has nothing to do with the needs of the people seeking a better life; it is more a cultural battle, based on ideological differences and beliefs. The opposing sides are made up of a segment of the population, the Left, composed of Democrats, liberals, socialists, fascists, and progressives, and their nemesis the U.S. government and its supporters, Republicans, conservatives and the religious right.

Most, if not all, of the protesting, demonstrations, and violence are one-sided, on the Left. They are making death threats to their political and ideological foes, disrupting governmental activities, accosting members of the administration in restaurants and on the streets, and there have been two acts of extreme violence against Republican Senator Rand Paul attacked on his front lawn by a neighbor, and a Congressman Steve Scalise shot on a ball field by a radical leftist and supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Left’s comportment over the last two years, since the election of Donald Trump, has significantly escalated and been exacerbated now with the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The Left’s protests and threatening behavior has moved the needle into the realm of social upheaval. I believe their words and actions have reached epidemic proportions, threaten the nation’s stability, and in some cases, those involved have displayed what can best be described as a psychotic demeanor. This is more than differences in opinions and agenda’s; it is I believe a call to arms from a desperate delusional people who have lost all sense of right and wrong, and of reality itself.

We are a divided nation, and there are voices that are instigating unrest. So instead of emboldening the radical element, as some in the political class have done, the time has come for elected leaders, in particular, the democrat party, to speak up to quell what could be the genesis of a civil war. As the November elections approach, and the possibility of republicans retaining power in both houses of Congress, one can only guess what the repercussions on the Left will be. How much further down the road to complete reckless and uncontrollable violent abandon will they travel, before we all enter the Danger Zone?

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