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For the last 80 years Democrat propaganda has been, “Democrats are for people, Republicans are for corporations.”  For the last 40 years they say every Republican president is both a blithering idiot and an evil genius, and you can’t figure out that that’s a load of horse crap?  There are those who say they are Christians, yet they are endorsing the policies of atheists and Islamists.  These are like taxpayers who support Democrats.  They’re all chickens voting for Col. Sanders.  (Years ago, Democrats said that described taxpayers voting Republican.  Last time I checked, Col. Sanders wasn’t giving the chickens a job!)  Why do liberals let leftist media liars tell them what to think instead of listening and learning for themselves?  Haven’t they ever had someone tell them a teacher was great/horrible and found the opposite to be true?  When Trump is on TV and Twitter being completely sensible and righteous, why do they believe a leftist telling them to believe the opposite of what’s in front of their faces?

Leftists hold the people in contempt as simpletons

The Cult of Personality

The defining characteristic of a cult is that they accept dogma regardless of facts that are self-destructive.  Leftist liberal Democrat progressives would regress America into a fascist dictatorship that denies liberties to the people.  If that isn’t self-destructive, believing socialism that has destroyed nations in the 20th century is beneficial, I don’t know what is.  There is a fine line of understanding between following a leader who is a man of achievement with the vision and drive to make America great, and mindlessly believing in a man with a vague promise of hope and change.  There is a vast gulf between following a man with the drive and understanding to make the economy boom and conduct diplomacy, and mindlessly believing in a man who tells the people to get used to being less as their new normal and bows to the nation’s enemies.

Leftists in Washington and the media are slandering Trump supporters as brain dead hypocrites voting for immorality.  They have no concept that people are voting for Trump because he is doing what conservative Christians have been calling on Republicans to do for the last twenty years, but which they haven’t done!  The empty promises of the GOP are being fulfilled by Donald Trump!  NeverTrumpers think Trump won by insulting his competition, by insulting Democrats, when all he did was speak the truth!  They believe this is a cult of personality like that of Democrats for Obama.  They pathologically avoid calling it that for their messiah who is man of no accomplishments that they elevated as a godhead.

The Democrat façade of caring for the little guy has been laid bare.  With blacks in ghettos, and illegals in sanctuary tent cities forced to vote for Democrats in return for their squalid living, you would think after forty years of this they would begin to get a clue?  But the power of pandering, of promoting hate and bigotry, the propaganda of blame and absolution of sins, the warping of morality and twisting of simple facts has great power over simple minds.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, the Mueller investigation, Spygate, and deep state Obamaite operatives undermining and sabotaging the Trumpist pro-American agenda by the leftist communist liberal progressivism of totalitarian fascism are all part of the Obama regime.  Saying that Trump is doing evil by; promoting the American economy creating millions of jobs, demanding fair international trade, restricting invasion by illegal immigrants stealing from taxpayers, and conducting peace negotiations with rogue regimes to disarm their nuclear threats against civilization, is the pinnacle of two-faced fascism.  I have never met a leftist who wasn’t a fascist pathological liar who sees the world as Anakin Skywalker came to see the Jedi.

When Democrats say someone is “above reproach without sin” you can bet that they are a person whose soul is completely corrupted but has kept from being found out prior to the act of betrayal they are about to commit.  Like Comey; testifying to Hillary’s crimes and then exonerating her, acting as if he were the prosecutor rather than the investigator because Lynch had already compromised herself talking to Hillary’s husband in secret.  Like Comey; having Obamaite FBI agents spy on Trump and falsifying intelligence.  Like Comey; who was so terrified of facing Trump, a man who is such a righteous judge of character, that he was afraid Trump would see right through him and end up getting fired.  Mueller has dug into Donald Trump’s deepest past and come up with bupkis in the form of even the tiniest crime.  This resulted in his wanting to interrogate Trump in order to trip him up so he could charge him with perjury.  This is who the corrupt are exposed who are persecuting the righteous.

Expect nothing significant from DoJ Inspector General Horowitz’s report to expose their crimes as he is an Obama appointee.  Obama replaced the Inspectors General under his regime because they are the watchdogs of government.  For that very reason he has undermined America’s security so as to not have his crimes exposed.  The damage from this report will be minor and easily swept away by the leftwing media.  It is the spies that Obama infiltrated into the Trump campaign that will be the most damning.  But AG Sessions, unless he is secretly gathering evidence against Obama & Co., is proving to be one of the worst wolves in sheep’s clothing as he protects Rosenstein who has already been proven in public to be a completely corrupt Obamaite.

Like Mueller forcing Gen. Flynn to plead guilty to lying to the FBI when even his leftist interrogators deny he lied, leftists make false accusations and false convictions of conservatives in order to distract simpletons from the truth.  Like New York attorneys, who refused to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s money laundering campaign funds, charging the Trump Foundation with not being a charity to distract the public from the IG’s report.  Everything leftist’s in law do is to corrupt the system and persecute the righteous just as Facebook, that is supposed to be a free venue for friends and families, is censoring Christian conservative opinions.

Republicans slam Sessions for defending Rosenstein

So why do people so easily believe Democrat propaganda that hasn’t changed in a century?  The symptoms of liberalism are believing leftist propaganda like;

  • Taking guns from innocent civilians will protect them from vicious criminals.
  • Believe the police killing criminals is murder but killing babies in the womb is not.
  • Inciting and allowing their insane followers to riot does not also incite them to commit murder to assassinate cops and politicians.

Democrats have offered nothing but their false premises that Republicans are neo-Nazi fascists of the KKK because their majorities moved South in the 80s (as if the good ol’ boys would have joined the party of Lincoln).  They offer nothing but blame for the problems they create for themselves in stealing wealth from the people claiming they are punishing the thieving rich.  This is all pure leftist lies and hate and frauds that each generation must be taught to recognize.  Millennials are failing and, like Anakin Skywalker in “Revenge of the Sith,” being turned against what is good and righteous because they are being blinded by leftist lies.

Democrats are the ones trying to subvert the election

Democrats Show Their True Colors

Liberals Pray for Blue Wave to Destroy America

How I Know Who is Lying; Trump or Democrats

Intelligent People Rely on FACTS

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