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Can we say this administration has a bias against Israel?  Israel can make no more concessions for peace. They gave up Gaza, and as a thank you, Hezbollah has been launching rockets for years. It makes no sense for Israel to surrender to its enemies, that would be genocide. It would not make a difference to Hezbollah, Iran, Al Qaeda, Hamas or ISIS. They would continue the terrorism until there were no Jews left. These are the same groups working so hard now to make sure there are no Christians left. Islam terrorism is based on deceiving and killing you enemies, and at present they are being allowed to go on their killing ways without my confrontation.

From the top of this administration, through our universities, and in our media, we are continually being told that Israel is the problem, that if they would just make concessions, and return to the 1976 boundaries, all would be well. You don’t need to be an expert to see what giving up Gaza did for them. Rockets rain on Southern Israel, and when Israel reacts, they are condemned for being war mongers.

From our Administration to our colleges, the Islamic radicals are here.

In the words of Admiral James “Ace’ Lyons stated last week. “For years they have been able to penetrate our national security agencies, much as the Communists did in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Khomeini started all this during the Jimmy Carter years, and I question if we had decimated them then, how far would it have gotten. I was on the Kitty Hawk at the time, we were set to march and was told to stand down. We were the first ship there, and would have been the only ship needed. Now we have this same country as a lead sponsor of terrorism in the world. In Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Yemen and somewhat in Turkey it spreads like a rash, and who will be the ones to stop it?

And now? Now we have Obama turning a blind eye, not even willing to speak to the Islamic basis of the terrorism involved. He is giving empty words to the Christians and other minority groups being slaughtered in the name of Allah, he is, to me, the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Although I will admit at least Jimmy Carter tried to rescue our people when they were held. We can observe a slow motion buildup of Islamic troops from many different factions in the mountains over Golan. The Iranian Guard has recruits from many different places, including Pakistan and Afghanistan, and ISIS according to reports, has many European and North American recruits. This reported by DEBKAFile 2/18. “Syrian Army continues to press forward along with Iranian, Hezbollah, and Shiite forces toward the Golan Heights to the mountain fortress of Tel-Al-Hara. Our media is silent, our administration if aware of this fact does not seem to much care in my opinion. Has Obama, and the top Muslim in the administration told Iran that we would defend Israel, nobody knows. Israel should be able to count on the defense of the Jewish homeland by our military, I’m not sure they know we would. If Israel needs to go it alone would it resort to unconventional weapons against a force that large, or would the mullahs start Armageddon by using what they have first. The goal of Islam is the destruction of the Jewish homeland, and the people there including the Arabs who live in peace in Israel and have moved on from the self-imposed exile of the people of Palestine.


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