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This piece should be entitled “Defining Deep State, Part 4,” but we separate it as it is part of an even broader analysis of our economics today.  What is the reality of this situation.

Canada has a $1 to $3 billion monthly trade advantage over us due to their tariffs, but if you listen to their young Premier, Justin Trudeau, you would think it the other way, or worse.  Europeans play the same game.

We are the big dog, or hog, at the trough of Earth, but we are getting the short end of deal.  Why should it be?

If we total the GDP’s of the six other members of the G7 it does not equal ours and all are socialistic countries working their way to Communism, chip-by-chip by corrupt groups of men and women doing everything they can think of to keep the post WW2 mindset when we were the only intact nation on the planet capable of supplying the food, fuel and fiber the world needed to support the lives of their people.

America is a Christian country and one of the tenets is charity.  When your fellow man is hurting you have a Christian duty to help him.  This resulted in an unprecedented flow of goods, services and technologies to Europe and Japan.  Both prospered and where one would reason this would end after a few years their governments saw two opportunities:   (1) Socialism concentrates power in a small number of hands and (2) America appears to be a bottomless well of wealth, goods, services, technology, entertainment and more we can get free and stay in power!

The leaders of all these countries studied our government and saw that our Congress was the focus of power and the place to make an effort for favorable trade laws and treaties.  As a result the number of law firms that were essentially “lobbying” organizations grew to the thousands in Washington, DC with the most effective and notorious on “K Street.”

Attorney specialists in international law and relations meet with our 535 members of Congress, House and Senate, offering to make campaign contributions from their firms to get around the laws preventing foreign nations from making such contributions, thus laundering the money.  And where they are limited in what they can contribute, by law, they offer to make illegal contributions.

The favorite method of contributing to an elected person is to set up a “Number Account” in any of the 120 countries permitting such banking.  The donor sets up an account, passes the number on to the elected person who then moves the money to another secret account so he has complete control and security.  He does not touch that money while in office, but can borrow against it and support a lifestyle well beyond what a $174,000 annual salary would support.

Where the elected person’s profligate spending is much on borrowed money he is considered nothing more than reckless, not rogue.  That is the fact of life in the higher echelons of Washington, DC the home of the greatest concentration of white collar criminals on the planet.

And it is exposed by the Canadian Trade War!

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