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The political landscape of our country has faced an incremental change for the past fifty years. The Democrat Party has become the Progressive Socialist  Party that seeks an agenda of tearing down the norms and values that have made this country great.

The traditions and cultural values have been taken down to the path to, in the end, be ignored and ridiculed by talking liberal heads, academia, and social media. Historically both parties have supported the rule of law and the traditional values we share as enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The art of negotiation or even civil discussion on a position held on either side of the aisle has become passé.

The progressive socialists building on the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Cloward/Piven have become the center point of evil in our culture. By ignoring the rule of law under the past administration, and after the election of Donald  Trump, the progressive3 socialists and their followers financed by such entities as George Soros and worked assiduously to deny the basic fundamental right granted to the American people by the Creator.

The progressive socialists are fighting against the wishes and dreams of the American people. The anarchists and those who live off the largess of others while being oppressed by those they feel will give them more do not understand just what the actions of the progressive socialists’ agenda would mean for them.

The hypocrisy of the progressive socialists is staggering and cannot be explained in any fashion to make sense to any sane person. Of course, if you ask for an explanation, depending on the subject, you will  be called a “Nazi,” “homophobe” “bigot” and the always ready answer that is a nonanswer “Racist.” For the low information progressive, any name they call you is the end of discussion because they have no facts or arguments to fall back on that make any sense.

Some of the hypocrisy is rather easy to understand. Questions such as:

Why is abortion okay,  but the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment?  Or why are they attempting to pass laws to legally kill the elderly who they feel are no longer an asset to society. Do they not understand that the old are the connection to our past or is that precisely the reason they must die. The college students who are at the forefront of this agenda think that History started with them, and all that has happened in the past is vile and must be destroyed.

Why is climate change settled science, but the scientific facts that life begins at conception is not? Do they not admit this because if they agreed how could they explain wanting abortion up until birth, or explain away tearing a living being capable of feeling pain apart for the sale of the baby’s parts? And where is the indignation they show to those who oppose abortion but will not admit that three times as many black women get abortions because of social and economic reasons?

Why are the progressive socialists silent on the incredible carnage done to our black youth in the inner cities run by the people of their party? Or the progressive socialists’ rejection of allowing black families to send the children to a school of their choice, helping to increase education standards or falling all over themselves to appease the progressives largest donors come election time, the teachers unions. Ask the progressive socialists about any of this, and you will undoubtedly be called a racist by both blacks and whites of the party.

How can they discuss black on black crime when they expect equality of outcomes even though it has been proven that blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes? Most blacks are law abiding hard working people. I have worked with many of them both in the military and in civilian life. But demanding that blacks must be sent to prison in the same number as whites does not resolve the problem. And in the past few months, the subject of reparations has once again come up. The progressive socialists cannot explain why whites in the country today have never owned a slave, and reject giving the money they earn to those who have never been slaves. The mentality of excusing bad behavior or limits placed on some by the progressives and their won false victimhood is past it prime.

How can the progressives explain away the rejection of Voter ID but can’t justify the rampant voter fraud taking place in America today? Illegals in California have inundated the voter rolls through the passage of laws by the progressive socialist agenda of the California legislature and administration. Not able to win on the merits of the plan they have presented, they look to import illegal aliens who will be placed under government care and told where to live, and how t think if they want to keep the benefits coming. Combined with the new push to allow murderers, rapists, pedophiles and other felons the right to vote will further increase the voter base that they can count on. At the same time, absentee ballots for our military heroes stationed overseas are sent late and if returned ignored.

The progressive socialists are intent on the judiciary being the final arbiter of laws and regulations. They no longer view the Constitution as the moral basis of our daily way of life and the laws that instruct the culture that we have enjoyed for so many years. The progressive socialists fell that the full might of the government must be used to control the power that our founding documents giver to the citizens of the country. Using the full power unconstitutionally being taken by the judiciary to legislate from the bench with the leftist judges and “judge Shopping” has resulted in the usurpation of the legislative branch of government.

The identity politics of the progressive socialists are being used as a way to divide us a country. They use identity politics to discriminate for those who are leftists and agree with the agenda they are trying to force on the American people. Identity politics is also used to attempt to implement equality of result and bypass equality of opportunity.

The 1st  and 2nd Amendments are considered outdated and to be terminated for the sole reason of making the citizens of this country feel helpless. Many times in the past such totalitarian government such as Nazi Germany, Cambodia under Pol Pot, and others have claimed to force the banning of guns for “the children’s Safety.” Even Stalin used that excuse before murdering millions of his own people. Free speech is a fundamental right, and the progressive socialists are attempting to take that right away from the American people in all facets of life including the internet and social media such as Facebook. All forms of speech from social media to academia to entertainment is to be used as the propaganda arms to the progressive socialists. And to coarsen our culture and to mainstream evil, they have decreed pornography as free speech, but Christian teachings are not protected, and that Christians must go against the sincerely held religious beliefs that  Christians use as a daily reminder of the morality that God teaches. The progressive socialists have attempted to force their hedonist agenda on all facets of American culture in the attempt to make the plan they have as normal although contrary to the beliefs of a vast majority of the American people. And that the perverse teachings about sexuality must be mandated for young children even if it must be done without parents permission.

They demand that Catholic nuns provide birth control and Christian hospitals perform abortions contrary to the teachings of God. These are the same leftists who demand that the American people be silent on opinions contrary to Islam and demand that we accommodate sharia and other backward portions of Islam in our country. The victims of Islamic terror are not allowed to have a voice in the conviction of those who attack them and coddle those who declare themselves as “victims” after a terrorist act.

They use the media to smear conservatives. Take the case of Roy Moore running for the Senate out of Alabama. All the press was outraged about the horrific crimes this “deviant” had committed, and all over the country, it was moved forward that without any facts to back up the claims he was soundly denounced and defeated. Has anyone heard anything about this case since he was defeated? Was the yearbook ever verified? Is Gloria Allred still riding in on a supposedly white horse to defend these women? No, the smear campaign achieved its intended purpose and was soon forgotten.

One final word to show just how out of touch the progressive socialists have become.

Kanye West, a rapper who I must admit I have never listened to, spoke of blacks leaving the Progressive party, to throw off the chains that have held them in miserable conditions for many, many years. He is being condemned by the media, called ignorant by the liberal talking heads, and demeaned for stating a deeply held opinion. You don’t have to agree but look to the Progressive strongholds like Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson, and countless other cities that have been in leftist power for more than 40 years. Why are they collapsing? Why do they look like third world countries? Why is even San Francisco, a beautiful city only 20 years ago littered with needles, and homeless? And why do we allow a progressive socialist like loudmouth Maxine Waters, who doesn’t even live in the district she represents in California and has been voted the most corrupt politician in the Senate 4 times to be the voice of those who do not like what Kanye said?

She blathered out such intelligence as:

“Kanye West is a very creative man… But we also think that sometimes West talks out of turn, and perhaps he needs some assistance in helping him to formulate some of his thoughts.”

Really? We need to help him formulate his thoughts. And who is the “we” in this sentence, Mouthy Maxine? You and your party have demonstrated that you only care about black votes and not black people. Is it because he has left the progressive reservation and thought on his own. Because the black citizens of this country finally realize that to the liberal socialists they are nothing more than votes and that it is the Republican agenda that gives them an opportunity to escape from the mental slavery that leftists have kept them in?

And tied to the progressive socialists giving felons and illegals the right to vote it all makes sense. They are losing the black, millennial, and women to those of us who will give anyone the opportunity to help themselves instead of the miserable existence being forced upon us by the hypocrites of the left.

A Blue Wave in the midterms? I don’t think so.

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