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The Second Amendment is not a law that was passed by Republicans a few years ago, and now we are finding that it is unrealistic and that guns need to be highly restricted and regulated.

It was not a part of the body of the Constitution, because a lot of the Founders didn’t see the need for it.  They figured that if the Constitution didn’t give the government the right to restrict guns, we don’t need to specifically say that we have a right to have them.

The point is that the right to keep and bear arms has always been there, 242 years as a nation and long before that before we were, and it is only now that we are having a problem with them.  The Founders called us an “armed” people and thought that was a good thing, necessary to preserve our freedoms.

So, if we are now having a problem with guns, something changed in our society that is making more people prone to use them for evil purposes.

The problem is that nobody is asking that question, and everybody is just accepting the need to hire thousands more law enforcement officers, pass a lot of new laws, and spend millions of dollars that they can’t really afford.

The answers proposed by Democrats always involve spending more money on law enforcement, flooding the streets with more policemen.  Every problem with them requires government rules, laws, programs and money.  And lots of them.  And this requires constant pressure on the government to try to get more and more money from the people to pay for all these things.

We have lost our moral compass as a nation, and nobody wants to talk about it.  We have replaced religious values with secular ones, and nobody wants to admit that they are not working.  The highest moral value that we now place on people is tolerance: tolerate your neighbors, put up with them or simply ignore them,

We have removed God from public life, and faith in God has always been the highest motive for restraining evil actions in people.  It is God who holds people accountable for their actions, and it is God who knows what goes on in our hearts and when no one else is looking.  Not everybody who hates other people acts out that hatred, but God sees it and takes that into account.

Our country was founded on a belief in God, not God in some generic sense or some god found in all religions, but it was God as taught in the Bible.  This God gave us unalienable rights, and no other nation or religion has this or believed in this.

It is the Bible that gives us reasons to value other people.  They are created in the image of God just like we are.  It teaches us to love our neighbors, to care for them, help them, respect them.  Our moral code used to be the Ten Commandments plus one: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Now we teach our children that people are just animals that can talk, created over millions of years by random chemical processes with no purpose or reason for being.  There are no rules but what we make, and the best secularism can do is to tell us to put up with each other.

When we can abort a million babies a year as a human right, it is but a symptom and sign that we no longer value human life.  Oh, the ones who lose loved ones know that isn’t true on a personal level, but in the abstract, the government cannot make people care for other people.  Caring for other people is a religious concept, and it was Christianity that made loving your neighbor as yourself a large part of our nation’s moral framework for most of its history.

If we don’t return to our roots, our nation will continue its slide to division, chaos, and lawlessness.

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