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Every day I wake up to more news of hidden emails that were supposedly turned over and more and more evidence of a massive pay for play. The left says there is no smoking gun but in most people with common sense what is evident is a smoking pile of manure.

In the mood I am in I would use the four letter word defining the same pile of excrement but I will try to be civil. For years I have watched the Clintons manage to worm their day out of scandals NOT because they are innocent but because they are cunning and have become politically powerful and the masses that follow her seem to care less about all the corruption that stinks like a cesspool of toxic waste.

I watched the movie PRIMARY COLORS years ago and it was a stunning view of the Clintons and their voracious desire for power and yes I think money. Everyone should go back and watch that movie before you step into the voting booth. That movie now seems like childs play compared to the Pay for Play that seems to be blanketing the time of Hillary in the State Dept. There is the old saying “It doesnt take a chicken to smell a rotten egg”  Well the whole mess with these e mails is a rotten mess and the thought of the Clintons back in the White House sends chills up my spine.

Bill lied with a straight face to the Nation and FINALLY had to fess up as they say in the South. Does ANYONE really think that Hillary has a problem with lying when she saw the most powerful man in the world HER husband get away with it. I think they are like bank robbers that see the tons of cash flowing in and just can’t help themselves. It is like an addiction to Hillary and Bill that they can stand before a bunch of dopes and speak for half and hour and get HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. This has to be one of the biggest cons in the history of the world.

In my opinion they are making Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur . My guess is that by the time the Clintons leave the White House AGAIN if she is elected they will be well on their way to being billionaires and somewhere in the top spot of wealthiest people on the planet. Maybe I am being dramatic but maybe not. Regardless it is even more stunning that so many of my so called highly educated liberal friends don’t seem to give a hoot about all this corruption and just want to sweep it under the run in an effort to keep Trump out of the White House. I only hope that these polls are as corrupt as the mainstream media and that all the Trump yard signs are a sign that the media and the pundits will be flabbergasted on election night if Trump actually wins. Trump may not be the best candidate the Republicans could have picked but he is the symbol of a nation that is fed up with the liberal and some so called Conservative politicians that only seem to be interested in enriching their pockets and care less about the average Joe struggling to put dinner on the table.

To sum up the tragic state this country is in one only has to read about the school system in one Florida district that sent home waivers for their children to not participate in the pledge of Allegiance. God I ask that you help us and stop these dangerous fools from wrecking the greatest country this planet has ever seem.

YES I do believe in God and hope every night that he stops this madness going on in the country


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