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The dropping of all charges in the Jussie Smollet hoax case was a shock to the nation that took Mueller Report off the front page.  The entire American Major Media corps has yet to tell us why!
The Mueller report hit the Democrat National Committee like a bomb when it came up with nothing!  The higher you go up the Democrat totem pole, the more you believed the Trump/Russia lie. It comes with the job and at the top of that pole are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck E. Schumer.
Nancy and Chuck are action people.  When they are hit, they hit back.  Clever to their toes, scanning the opportunities they found the cupboards bare short of demolishing the Empire State Building or the Golden Gate Bridge or both to show what Chuck and Nancy could do, but in a rare moment of proportion they said in unison, “Too kinky” and “No votes in the gags.”  “Gag” is CIA lingo for an attack involving high explosives.
We are not sure who was first with the idea, but one or the other said, “Jussie Smollet!” and the other yelled, “Black votes!  They’ll love it!”
“But what about all the evidence?” said Nancy.
“Look, they will re-indict him in a month, but we will have buried this Mueller thing long enough to take the razor’s edge off…” said Chuck.
“For sure, with the canceled check, surplus store videotape, confessions of the two Nigerians, and the threatening letter he sent to himself.  They have to prosecute him!  If they don’t this will be like a millstone on our necks with too many voters,” replied Nancy.
“OK, call Rahm Emmanuel,” said Chuck.
“No, he’s retiring in a few weeks and we won’t have a hook on him!” intoned Nancy with a look of disdain at Chuck, wondering if he had lost his “clever.”  “Maybe a couple of “Evil Organic Supplement” pills will perk him up,” thought Nancy as she reached into her purse.
“The Cook County Attorney General is the key!” says Nancy.
“Diabolical!” cries Chuck, “…really evil!  I love it!”   FADE OUT
And that, my friends, is how it happened, maybe…

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