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Remember back in the day before YouTube was acquired by Google? Those were great times. With the exception of porn, anyone could post just about anything on YouTube. And when the government tried to bully them to dox and spy on their content creators, YouTube told them to go pound sand. Ah, the glory days of the internet when people with level, freedom-loving heads ruled.

You are probably aware of the fact that YouTube is demonetizing and de-platforming a large group of its creators. Boo hoo. But what they are really doing is removing everything that ever made that platform interesting. What content they have left when it is all over will, of course, be inundated with commercial interruptions and pop up windows and none of that will ever go to some stupid content creator. Yeah, pop up windows and commercials is why I come to the net how about you?

This is what happens when upper management starts getting a little too full of themselves. Though they never created or contributed to the product, they know what’s best for the product. What Susan Wojcicki sees isn’t a platform for free speech but a cash cow and she wants to milk that cow dry. The plan isn’t long term survivability. Will Sue be around in 10 years? Twenty? Probably not so why would she care how long the company survives? Wojcicki can milk her cow dry, leave the company just before it takes a major downturn, blame her replacement for the downfall, and turn her YouTube career into a political career. She made YouTube billions in advertisement revenue imagine what she can do for the country. Grooming 1101.

YouTube was always meant to die as are all innovations. Whether they kicked anyone off of their platforms or not there would be copycats and eventually, some of those copycats would take off. Little by little YouTube would eventually lose market share to other similar platforms. Michael (The Monkeys) Nesmith’s mother used to hold the patent for white type correction fluid but now everyone makes it. Every innovation dies as an innovation.

Today there are lots of choices other than YouTube to upload and watch videos on and YouTube is being kind enough to push their best creators to these alternative platforms. The advertisers and lame content will push the viewers to alternative sites. Few people go to YouTube to listen to Rachael Madcow or to watch The View.

Some may not see it now but this is not the death of freedom of expression. It is said that an empire can only be built on ashes. The ashes of YouTube will be the foundation of new and numerous alternatives with no one ring to control them all. Where there is a vacuum there will soon be something to fill it. No one company should have a monopoly on any part of the net and YouTubes suicide will ensure that video platforming becomes rich and diverse.

Don’t try to stop YouTube ……. thank them. Thank you, Susan.

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